When a garage becomes purely a storage space – it may seem like the logical next step to convert it into a room that will have some beneficial use to you and your family. Well no fear, we’re here to give you some easy steps to get the conversion underway.

First step, getting in touch with a reputable concrete garage supplier, who will be able to come and provide some information about the ground works, and the feasibility. They will most likely discuss what type of room you’re looking to achieve and what the uses of it will be. Then looking at things like accessibility, ease of getting electricity (if not already powered), whilst also considering the suitability of what you’re wanting to achieve.

There are many different points to remember when you’re considering a conversion other than electrics, such as: lighting, flooring, heating, windows, access doors, storage, security, plastering, skirting boards, ceilings and insulation. Each of these points will be discussed with you by the concrete garage company, who will then put you in touch with reputable people who can help you in each individual point of the conversion. There may even be more you wish to add to personalise your new room, these can also be discussed at your meeting.

These outbuildings that were once used to simply store your clutter, can be radically transformed, and have already been done so. A simple Google search can show your vision come to life, and this can give you an idea of what can be achieved. Examples include workshops, offices, gyms and play rooms.

Now, one of the most significant things to consider when renovating one of these previously useless spaces would obviously be considered to be cost. However, the conversion may not actually be as finically stretching as you may anticipate. In fact, it would generally be the much cheaper alternative than starting from scratch.

Dependent on the size of the garage, there’s also the option to split the garage into two rooms. A common garage would be considered to be longer and thinner than most people prefer their rooms. Therefore, many who have undergone the conversion transformation, look to achieve a more natural shape in their new rooms by diving them in to two. For this a stud or black wall can be used quite easily. This additional room can be used as a toilet, shower room or complete bathroom. Alternatively, this could be the room where all your previously stored junk could go. The world truly is your oyster!

Planning permission is unnecessary as long as you don’t plan on altering the structure of the building, therefore a concrete garage conversion is able to be redesigned at your own free will. However, if you do live in a listed building or a conservation area – there may be some planning impact, which means your local planning department would need to be informed before any modifications took place.

Make sure you consult with a local expert before carrying out any work, but you could soon be the proud owner of a whole new room, with minimal cost!