Choosing the appropriate equipment for the job goes a long way in getting the job properly done. Earth moving equipment forms the main bulk of heavy construction equipment. This class of machines falls into several categories each with special features adapted to a different job. This article is aimed at helping the reader identify the different types of earth movers and the specific jobs each is better suited for.

Earth moving machines come in various brands and configurations in today’s market. Any construction job big or small employs the use of an earth mover at one point or another. These machines accomplish jobs that would otherwise be impossible to carry out with bare hands. The following are the major types of earth moving equipment.

  1. Backhoe Loaders: These machines have a shovel mounted at the front that is adjustable. At the back, backhoe loaders have a bucket that is particularly useful in digging trenches or shifting dirt. Backhoe loaders are mounted on tires.
  2. Bulldozers: The most famous of the earthmovers and considered to be extreme heavy duty machines. These machines feature an easily identifiable blade located at the front. Bulldozers are extremely powerful and are the standard choice in moving large amounts of dirt and demolition jobs. Bulldozers are traditionally mounted on a pair of treads.
  3. Graders: These machines are often used in road and highway construction jobs. Graders smoothen a surface in preparation for an incoming asphalt coating. The blade underneath graders is adjustable making these machines capable of mining and fine grading.
  4. Excavators: These machines have a long bucket arm that is attached to a cab. The cab acts as a swiveling pivot. These are ideal for lifting and loading dirt. They are also used for lifting extremely heavy loads.
  5. Trenchers: These machines have a boom that resembles a chain saw. They are used to dig trenches while laying pipes.

Before settling on a specific earth mover, one needs to first and foremost evaluate the specific needs of the construction job. Consulting firms that specialize in heavy equipment rentals may provide insight into the type of equipment best suited for a particular job. Finding the perfect earth mover generally entails the following;

  1. Determination of the earth moving equipment’s condition: A fully functional earthmover delivers the results without any hitches. The machine’s condition is deduced from maintenance records and performance charts.
  2. Knowing the construction job’s specifics will ease the decision making process concerning the choice of earth movers. The choice of earth moving equipment is highly dependent on the nature of the project.
  3. When renting earth moving equipment, there is the choice of whether the renting company provides the machine’s operator or not. This is commonly referred to as dry or wet hires.

In summary, choosing the appropriate earth moving equipment is integral to the efficiency of a construction project and the safety of the construction staff involved. Choosing the right earth moving rental plan saves a construction job a great deal of money and time. The appropriate earth moving equipment serves its defined purpose and is a worthwhile investment. These heavy machines cater for a wide range of building projects such as highways, dam building projects and airport construction jobs. It is not always practical to purchase earth moving equipment or other machines used in building. Factors such as the limiting costs, tax policies and maintenance costs surrounding ownership of heavy equipment that causes most contractors or individuals undertaking construction jobs to favor renting or leasing equipment. This trend is fairly common in today’s construction scene.

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