Your business depends on keeping up to date with technological developments and being at least as good as your competitors. This means that your website has to evolve with the changing eCommerce landscape, rather be seen as a set and forget solution. You need to look objectively at your systems and perform regular audits to ensure they are in line with industry standards and aiding conversion. This can mean implementing a custom eBay store design for future omnichannel opportunities, or creating a website that requires little maintenance to keep it current.


Design dictates the customer experience and how they move through your site. It will remain relevant and contemporary if it is constructed with clean, simple lines and is easy to navigate. Choose a classic colour scheme that will age well. Light colours will give your site an open feel that won’t overwhelm the browsing experience.

Mobile Optimisation

The internet moves quickly and nothing dates a website like it not being optimised for mobile. The great thing about mobile sites is that simplicity rules. Removing graphics and flourishes enables your mobile experience to be fast loading and streamlined, two things that will never go out of style. This means, in addition to providing a great user experience, your site won’t look out of date and will retain a simple elegance that customers will appreciate.

Omnichannel Retail

The capacity to sell through multiple channels will serve your site well as omnichannel retail becomes more prevalent. This requires choosing an eCommerce platform that can accommodate this functionality without requiring a major recode of your site. Ideally, it will mean that your stock for all your channels can be centralised, with each sales source drawing from the same pool. This will ensure your stock figures and sales are constantly up to date and provide a seamless user experience.

Innovations don’t follow a pattern

The next big step forward in the realm of eCommerce might be a logical extension of what currently exists, but it is more likely to be an unforeseen innovation that will revolutionise the industry further. Few people find success through copying existing success, so chances are, the next big leap is currently in someone’s mind, waiting for the right set of circumstances to let it out. You can however, keep the experience of shopping on your website simple and enjoyable, which will ensure your customers return, and develops your brand and eCommerce reputation.