Most businesses have a waiting room or designated area where clients can relax while they wait for their meeting time or appointment. However, one of the biggest complaints from clients usually has to do with the waiting room.

Depending upon your business, clients might be waiting for an extended period of time in the waiting room, especially if your business is in the medical field. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your business’s waiting room, keeping clients happy and relaxed while you take care of your business.


One of the most important factors to a waiting room is comfort. Clients will be far happier if they spend their time waiting for their appointment in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Create a spacious waiting room that has comfortable chairs, coffee tables, and an area for beverages or snacks. Provide water, coffee or tea in the waiting room, as well as snack bars or nuts.

Additionally, provide clients with a TV (or multiple TVs, depending upon the size of your waiting room) filled with the premiere satellite tv package. If clients have to wait an extended period of time, they will be far happier having entertainment to help pass the time.


Offer free wi-wi to your clients, as many would like to check email, do some research, or accomplish work while they are waiting. This can easily keep clients happy and relaxed. Additionally, look to offer free charging stations. Clients can continue to get their work done without worrying about their phones and tablet dying.

Magazines and Books

Provide a library of reading material for clients. When it comes to magazines, try to provide current, up-to-date magazines. Moreover, look to include a wide variety of magazines that would be of value to your clients’ interests, such as sports magazines, food magazines, lifestyle magazines, financial magazines, political magazines, and literature magazines, such as The New Yorker.


If for some reason your clients are having to wait for an exceptionally long period of time, make sure your secretary or assistant comes out to check on your clients. Have them apologize for the wait time and offer to get them anything they might need, such as water or coffee. This courtesy can go a long way, as many will appreciate knowing they have not been forgotten or overlooked.


Always allow clients the chance to reschedule their appointment, especially if you know they will have to wait a long time for their appointment.

Additionally, if a client has an appointment with someone who is unexpectedly out of the office, or you will be out of the office, try to call them before their appointment so that a new appointment can be made. This will appease clients, for they will be happy they did not have to waste their time going to a canceled appointment.

These tips can help keep your waiting comfortable and relaxed for clients.