When you go to a trade show, you may feel like one in a million companies. There will be a lot of really big and impressive exhibits. You need to make sure that the people there notice you. Here are 4 tips on how to make your business stand out in a crowded trade show.

Use social media

Everyone is connected via social media nowadays. It’s important to use this to your ability. First, you can use social media to let other people know you will be attending the trade show. People who are interested can look for you when they are there. They won’t look for you at all if they don’t see that you will be there. You can even reach out to people who might be a good connection for you and arrange a time to meet. Finally, you can show other people everything you do at the trade show by posting videos and pictures on social media. Try to go viral to really expand your following.

Put on a show

You need to make a spectacle to get people’s attention. If you don’t do something grand, people might walk right past you and not learn what you can do for them. Use music, lights, and whatever you can to really make an impact. You should talk to an electrical contractor for advanced displays. Other people will use music and lights in their display, too, so do something to really stand out.

Create signs and banners

You need to set up signs and banners. make them especially noticeable so people can use your banner as a landmark to help guide people to you. Try loud colors. You may even decide to attach a large balloon to your banner to really help people, find you.  You can set up under a branded canopy that will make sure to draw attention. Use quality graphics and tell a story. You want people to make sure they get a feel for your business before they move on somewhere else. Be sure you stay mindful of the fine line between standing out and being obnoxious.

Give the best gifts

Everyone gives away something at trade shows. You will see everything from tee shirts to pens to rubix cubes. Try to do something new and unique to really make you stand out. You can also consider making it rather large so that everyone can see it. It may encourage other people to inquire about where they got the gift, leading them your way. Make sure that you don’t just stamp your logo on a generic item like a pen or stress ball. Know your audience. If you are a brand that sells to people that go rock climbing then give them a branded carabiner. Make your gift have context in the attendee’s life so it does not end up in the trash next to all the other people that made pens and stress balls.

Trade shows can be quite beneficial to the success of your business. Utilize it for all it’s worth by standing out. These tips will help you do that.