Since introduction Bitcoin has been performing strongly offering significant returns and ongoing business adoption. It’s a digital currency, with a huge winning streak. The price surge is fueled from geopolitical pressures and financial conditions in India, China, and Venezuela driving investors towards self-sufficient digital alternatives. Bitcoin has been the best performing currency in the world.
Based on the market environment, the Bitcoin value can fluctuate in any direction – up or down. Many seasoned traders recommended not to invest in assets whose prices are not available on an exchange or in a newspaper. The fact is that Bitcoin is traded 24/7 across the world, so you will always be updated on its value in your local currency. You can buy bitcoin Melbourne from established dealers.
Focus on learning cryptocurrency trade
It is not sensible to entrust your capital on random to a financial app or advisor or a crypto company without a thorough background check. You will be liable for results of your decision. It is great for beginners to start learning about cryptocurrency trading tactics and get associated with a regulated trading dealer.
Bitcoin an alternative investment
In general, cryptocurrencies are regarded as a kind of alternative investment. They are non-related assets as their performance does not get affected like stocks and bonds. It is wise to have a 20% investment in your portfolio associated with non-correlated assets.
Gold holds a premium standard under the category metals, while Bitcoin is the finest standard in every cryptocurrency accessible. Currently, another dip similar to 2018 is expected. Surprisingly, investors owing to 67% Bitcoin are on a buying spree instead of selling. They are 10% in number, but they hold large Bitcoin asset volume with extra risk attached. The current Bitcoin price is $8,321.70 and on the prediction of a plummet in the crypto market buying with an aim to short-sell at $13,000 is a great idea.
It is very volatile but prone to severe dips, which can wipe your total investment. So, it is suggested to hold alternative investment [cryptocurrencies] of a maximum of 20%.
Which is better for investment? Stock or Bitcoin 

  • If you had bought one Bitcoin in 2014, the cost was $45. Today, your Bitcoin Wallet would hold more than $10,000.
  • If you bought Amazon shares in 2014, the cost was $274. Today, the shares are worth only $1500.

It’s clear…….which is a wise investment – Bitcoin or Stock!
Unfortunately, the average investor finds it hard to involve Bitcoin confidently in their portfolio because the pricing effect of an emergent digital asset without any ancestor has shown a lot of fluctuation and growth.
Today, the Bitcoin eco-system reveals that it is functioning properly because in the past couple of years prices have risen due to guidance. Investors are getting aware of the long-term existence and viability of Bitcoin. Besides, Bitcoin has outperformed Amazon even though it remains bullish.
As only 21 million Bitcoins are moving in the market, its scarcity and increase in demand offer it to be a safe bet for investors. Bitcoin is independent of the traditional pressures like company performance, quarterly reports, and public stakeholder’s confidence level, which often twists the market. Bitcoin is a great hedging option against potential collapses of a traditional instrument. It is not centralized and no authorities controlling its governance.