If you own an online business, you know how important it is to make sure that your customers are happy. Customers like the shopping process to be simple and easy and the delivery process to be fast. With big online retailers to compete with, you need to keep your prices low and your delivery times quick. It can be hard to optimise your business deliveries but there are a few ways to increase shipping efficiency that you should know about.

Why should you make your delivery system as efficient as possible? You need to keep your customers satisfied and if you can’t ship their orders to them in a timely manner, they’ll stop doing business with you and start doing business with a big online retailer.

Lower Your Delivery Costs

Sending a parcel across the world using a standard government mail system is expensive. However, sending your packages through a private third-party freight company can be much cheaper. If you’re interested in streamlining your delivery system, you need to work with a private freight company. Mailing parcels on your own is inefficient because it wastes a lot of time and it can cost a lot of money to rush deliveries, especially when you’re mailing something out of the country.

You can get much better delivery rates by letting a freight company handle all of your shipments. Whether you need to send pallets or small packages, freight companies can offer cheap shipping for your customers’ orders.

Track Your Shipments

One benefit of using the government mail system is that you can track your shipment when you order something from another business. However, when you’re on the other end of the supply chain, it’s equally important to track your shipments. Your customers will probably want to know where their packages are during transit. They might also want to know when to expect their packages to arrive. You can track your shipments after you send them out and notify your customers that their packages are on the way.

Additionally, you could set up an online tracking system that your customers can use on their own. Simply give them a tracking number and they can type it into the freight company’s tracking website and see where their packages are. Customers take more comfort knowing that their packages have not been lost and that they can expect the package to arrive by the estimated delivery date.

Offer Rush Options

Big online retailers always have rush delivery options for customers to select when checking out at their online stores. If you cannot offer a rushed shipping option, your customers might not choose to shop at your online store. Sometimes customers need their packages as soon as possible. If they can’t get their package from you within a day or two, they might cancel their order and purchase a similar item from your competitor.

When you’re looking for a freight company that can handle your deliveries, ask them whether they have rush delivery options. If the freight company can’t rush any deliveries, you might want to pick a different freight company to work with.