When you carry same leather handbag on regular basis, it leads to wear and tear. It also leaves your handbag dirty at the end of every day, especially if you carry your handbag in public places. A high quality leather handbag is considered as a good investment. Leather always remains in style. Therefore, you should keep it maintained.

It’s worth mentioning that cleaning a leather handbag can take some time. However, it makes sure that your handbag remains in good condition for long time. With just a few simple steps, you can retain the flexibility, shine and timeless look of your leather handbag. In this post, we’ve discussed some good steps to clean your leather handbags without experiencing any problems. Ads like these by JustFab.com always aim to help their customers.

Clean the Exterior Weekly

Over time, leather handbags can get dull from oils on your skin. Exposure to various environmental factors, such as hairspray or perfumes, can also cause problems. You should clean your leather handbag once in every week. This also helps you reduce light soiling. You can add few drops of liquid soap in two cup water. Then mix it until you see suds. You should dip a soft piece of cloth in it. Use this wet cloth to clean your bag’s outside surface.

Clean the Interior Regularly

It’s important to understand that the inside of your leather handbag can get as dirty as the exterior. When you use your handbag everyday, you need to clean it often. You should empty the contents of your handbag, and use a vacuum or lint brush along interior lining. This allows you to collect dust. You should wash interior stains of your handbag with high quality soap and water and allow your handbag to dry properly.

Treat Heavy Staining

If you’re using a genuine leather handbag, you can easily remove grease stains without experiencing any problems. In order to remove ink stains, you should dip a cotton swab in alcohol. You should rub the stain with this swab until it completely disappears from the bag. Leave the handbag to get dry for some time.

Treat Deep Stains Quickly

Deep stains, such as wine, food and blood, should be cleaned off from the leather handbag with high quality paste. You should mix one part of lemon juice with one part of tartar and apply this paste to the stubborn stain. Let the paste sit for few minutes before wiping it off.

Recondition Twice Every Year

Reconditioning the leather handbag twice every year allows you to maintain the bag’s flexibility. You should mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil. You need to dip the rag into the solution. Rub this mix on the leather handbag in circular motions. Let the solution soak in the leather for 15 minutes. Then use a dry piece of cloth to give your bag good shine.