Those of you who have bought Unlock iCloud from iPhone from second hand retailers or some internet market may be facing with iCloud lock problem. In case you have already experienced this issue then you definitively need to find an effective solution.

There are several combinations that may help you Unlock iCloud on your iPhone, but from personal experience I know that there are some that actually work and that there are many that are fraudulent and are trying only to trick you into spending your money.

How To Unlock iCloud Activation from iPhone

What is the best method to Unlock iCloud

There are not many alternatives when it comes to Unlock iCloud methods. Only dozen function properly and only few of them are actually free for use. It is understandable that if this problem happened simply because you have bought an old device not to want to spend a fortune to unlock the lock.

Apple however tends to overcharge for this service and earn big bucks knowing how many people are struggling to find a solution. And on top of that in case you want to use Apple’s services for Unlock iCloud you will be asked to bring ownership proof with you. This may be impossible for some users and because of that they may be forced to look for alternative solutions.

One highly efficient and popular method for Unlock iCloud is the Bypass iCloud lock service. This service has proven to be very effective when dealing with iCloud lock problems.

Many users are satisfied with the end results and recommend this method. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages when it comes to this unlock method is the fact that the user does not need to register to use it nor it s required to pay for the service.

The iCloud Unlock tool was upgraded and improved many times since its first release. It was tested many times and now it is compatible with all models of iPhones as well as with all IOS versions, including the latest IOS 8.3 version.

Yes, this service is free and it is only required that you download it from the official website server links.

 After that just follow the unlock iCloud instructions

  • The Unlock iCloud tool is portable so installation is not required
  • Just connect your iPhone and computer
  • Run the program and select the model of your iPhone
  • Enter the IMEI code of your device and choose the exact network operator in use
  • Enter the device into DFU mode and click bypass now
  • Wait while the process is finalized
  • When your device is auto rebooted , restart it
  • Set your new iCloud parameters
  • Go to iTunes and do Update-Restore to finish the unlock of iCloud