If you are familiar with having a fast, quick shave in just few minutes and that too on a regular basis, there is no way you can deny the fact that you are using any one of the best electric shavers for men. While best electric razors can help you have a perfect shave in just few minutes, you need to keep certain things in mind in order to have a close and perfect shave. In a bid to help, the following procedure has been organized to enable busy men to get a good shave as often as they want. One good thing about this procedure is the fact that it is quick and is associated with great results every time it is used.

Step 1Always Ensure That Your Face is Clean before You Begin Shaving

You always have to make sure that your face is as clean as possible before you start shaving. The use of the skin care soap products is often advisable as they leave the skin moisturised for a long period of time. You can also use exfoliating crème at least once a week to keep your skin moisturised. Taking such steps can help you to get rid of dead skin cells in order to prepare the skin for shaving.

If you have a long beard, then you must trim your beard to make your face clean. Grab a beard trimmer for men and trim your beard so that it is easy to clean your face as well as to have a clean shave also.

Step 2Make Sure Your Badger Shaving Brush Ready for Action

Prior to getting into the shower, try your best to prepare the badger by leaving it in the bowl full of hot water. Taking this step will help you to generate enough lather for shaving your beards. The use of a brush to apply the lather and raise the hairs prior to shaving is always recommended.

Step 3The Best Way to Use Your Razor

Always make sure that the razor you are using is quick and sharp. To help the razor remain intact for a long period of time, it is always advisable to clean it properly with water after using and wipe it off to keep it dry.

Step 4Using Shaving Mirrors

The use of a shaving mirror is always recommended because it is the best way to monitor the progress of the shaving process. But, avoiding steaming mirrors is always important as failure to do this will result in a distorted view. There are mirror heater pads that you can use for this.

Step 5Wash Your Face after You Finish Shaving

Always wash your face shortly after you finishing your shave. This helps to keep the skin smooth and enhance the moisture concentration of the skin pores.

Step 6: Keep Your Shaving Kit in Perfect Condition

Always keep your shaving kit in a perfect shape. You can achieve this by cleaning the razor, shaving brush and bowl thoroughly.

Step 7: Never Forget to Use Moisturising Lotion

To avoid losing a lot of skin moisture after shaving, it is always important to use a reliable moisturiser. Applying aftershave is not advisable because it may dehydrate your skin.

Step 8: Always Keep Your Shaving Kit Organised

Organise your shaving kit each time you are traveling. Get everything that you need to maintain that perfect shave.

Some men are out there asking frequently that his skin so sensitive. He cannot shave perfectly. Well, for manual razors, it is really so tough to deliver close shave in case of sensitive skin. But the good news is that shaving companies have brought quite a few electric razors that are good for sensitive skins. This Braun series 7 760cc review from Instant Grooming will give you a bit of idea about how good it is for sensitive skins and also the latest technologies it has to offer. Shavers like this are specially made with due care and appropriate technology to deliver close shave in case of sensitive skin. Grab a shaver like this and follow the steps described above to say, “Goodbye Stubble”.