Self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), also known as self-retracting lanyards, are the devices that are used by many workers who are performing their jobs at height. Though, it is true that the beginning of self-retracting lifelines was big and bulky, but over the period of few years, these have become portable and weigh in control.

Intended to save lives of many as its basic functions are similar to a seat belt, their improper use can also prove to be hazardous to one’s life. SRLs perform when a certain level of speed is achieved when performing a job. When a predefined level of force/speed is attained, a locking mechanism begins arresting the downward motion of an individual falling from a height.

While the job of SRLs is to save lives, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure maximum safety when using them:

Using SRL overhead is the best, as these devices are designed to arrest free falls within inches. Otherwise, it is also possible to attach it to overhead anchor points or moveable overhead lifelines.

One must stay extra cautious when planning to use the device on his/her foot. This is because to ensure the maximum safety to the workers, SRL must remain in vertical position and must not lay on its side as this is likely to affect the fall distance. If one using it on his/her foot, he/she will be required to use the shock pack so as to absorb the additional fall energy and a cable line to resist damage from a leading edge.

How To Use Self-Retracting Lifeline Safely?

Conducting regular maintenance is advisable to ensure SRL’s adequate functioning and extend the product’s lifeline.

A company must have a rescue plan in place before it begins to use a fall protection equipment. This is just to ensure that the employees are double safe and secure.

Effective handling of issues when using SRLs

There might be several problems that pop-up when using self-retracting lifelines. Therefore, it is important for a person to be aware about those and make sure that these are handled accurately.

  • Swing Falls

This problem might occur if an anchorage point is not positioned directly overhead. If this occurs, it might cause the person severe injury or death. Since SRLs have a larger ability to move horizontal and vertical as compared to the standard six foot shock-absorbing lanyards, it is important to stay extra cautious to avoid swing falls.

To avoid this, one must ensure to position anchorage point directly overhead whenever possible.

  • Equipment Misuse

One must be extra cautious and careful to ensure that the workers are not mixing two different equipment together believing their thoughts like, it will help them achieve a lightweight or low-cost design. Such habits should be strictly avoided as these might lead to severe hazards.

  • Locking and Breaking

Such situations can occur when a non-locking snap hook is unknowingly coupled with an attachment point. This is risky as it can lead to accidental disengagement when the force of a fall arrest bounces back through the lifeline depressing the gate.

Therefore, it is important for a company to be doubly sure and follow the essential precautionary measures to avoid any risk when using self-retracting lifelines. If you would like to know more about these products or buy one, contact At-height or purchase online.