The big brands like Samsung and LG has a wide range of devices in the mid-price range and you might definitely be confused while choosing one for you. On another hand, HTC don’t have a wide range as of Samsung but still it carries And here we have one mid-range device from the HTC. The HTC Desire 510 released in the September.

The HTC Desire 510 is a basic model, perhaps in excess in these times. The truth is that evolves from the Desire 500 and, when compared with this, there are interesting developments that make it a much more attractive phone for example, the inclusion of a processor with 64-bit architecture.

The fact is that this is a terminal that you should not expect great speeds running applications, but you can use them properly without spending a lot of money for it (you can get it on Amazon from 190 euros). Of course, with the HTC Desire 510 may use the 4G networks, which are appreciated and that adapts to current data rates. As commended before that HTC Desire 510 includes a processor with 64-bit and does not have, at least for now the Android Lollipop.

In the design, no regard for the manufacturer and longer seeing the HTC Desire 510 is clear that this is a basic device that has very little to do with the rest of the product range HTC. This, for example, is checked at first glance to front stereo speakers not include the corresponding BoomSound technology.  Considering the price we have discussed before, one could not expect anything other than plastic as a material of manufacture. The material used is hard and tough, which is positive, but does not include some sort of striking detail that makes you be differential (perhaps only the rear is somewhat “rough” and favors the grip). In addition, the back cover reveals very clearly the traces of use.

In terms of ergonomics, the dimensions of the HTC Desire 510 (139.9 x 69.8 x 9.9 mm) allow the grip, which is comfortable and with one hand can make the vast majority of common shares. Furthermore, access to volume control buttons is good, although this has clearly improved response. As for the weight, this remains at 158 grams, more than expected for such range.

Finally, we must say that cards used can be inserted with this device once back cover is opened. In short, it is similar to that of the Desire 500 and, therefore, it leaves no doubt that it is a basic model-hence does not lead to misleading. As of the display is considered, HTC Desire 510 have the 4.7 inches display but again it don’t reach to the full HD or HD ready resolution, as it only have 854 x 480 pixels of resolution.

But still HTC Desire 510 is a good smartphone to be considered if we only look at brand the performance, else in the market there are available such model in the price range to offer good performance. Let’s see how HTC would be covering the gap, may be with the launch of HTC One M10.