Generators offer an alternative source of electricity. Before buying a generator you should know exactly what you would like to power with your generator. It may be security systems, furnace, air conditioning, lights, home office equipment’s, well pumps, refrigerators and other appliances all that need electricity to function.

Having a generator will make sure that all these items have the power available when needed.

There are two kinds of generators:

  1. Standby generators
  2. Portable generators

Portable Generators

Portable generators are usually used to supply power in remote areas such as construction sites, for short periods of time. They can also power important equipment’s when you have a power outage. They are small in size and also less expensive that standby generators.

They have inbuilt fuel tanks, that allow them to run anywhere, and also standard power outlets where they can be plugged into extension cords.

Major advantages of portable generators include the following:

  • Mobility: Portable generators can be moved from one place to another easily and used outdoors as long as they have a steady supply of gasoline.
  • Gasoline fueled: There are places where gasoline is in abundance than electricity in outlaying places away from towns and cities.
  • Manual start: Portable generators can be started at any given time that you see fit, allowing easier operation for a needed situation.

Below are some of the features that you should consider before buying a portable generator:

o   Run Time: This refers to the duration the generator runs on a single tank of gas. This is determined by the size of the generator’s gasoline tank.

o   Voltage Regulation: A good portable generator should have an automatic voltage regulation system. This is for maintaining the right generator voltage, to protect sensitive electronic appliances such as computers, from power fluctuations.

Standby Generators

They are used as automatic back-up electrical system that usually operates whether you are present at your home or not. Standby generators produce 7kW to several hundred kW of power. They start operating a few seconds after a power failure, where they will supply the power to your directly circuit breaker box. After power restores, the generator automatically turns itself off.

Major advantages of portable generators include the following:

  • Permanent: Automatic or standby generators can be installed by a professional electrician outside your business or home.
  •     Automatic start and stop: They are usually triggered by power interruptions and they can start and stop automatically as needed.

Determining the size of generator that you need:

The electricity that a generator creates is measured in watts and voltage. When choosing a good generator, you should determine the specific volts that you need and then pick a model that will be able to supply enough wattage for each and everything you desire to run.

Know Your Purchase:

You should read all details in listings created by the seller you choose. Moreover, it is important if you review the generator photos carefully.

You should make sure that the sellers are able to answer all your questions regarding the generator that you desire to buy.

Know Your Seller:

It is important to take time to do a background search about your seller so that you can feel secure and comfortable about their products.