Motorcycles, every boy’s dream, a man’s fantasy and a girl’s jealousy. Who doesn’t love to own one of these amazing hunks? What’s more, the changing trend indicates that even young girls and women are becoming ardent admirers of these machines. It’s not their fault; the power of these mean machines can attract even the most mundane person living on the planet.

So, what stops you from owning a bike? Well, quite often, the costs involved. Usually, heavy bikes and sports models are way too expensive than you would like. However, did you consider going the alternative way? Buying used bikes in excellent condition helps you get the same thrill, at a much lesser price. Here’s a list of the top seven used motorcycles that you can buy.

Harley Davidson:

The brand speaks for itself. No matter which model you choose – be it the Classic, Electra Glide, Normal Chopper or Infamous Chopper – there is a class, style and machismo that you just cannot miss.


The next in line are the bikes from BMW’s stables. If you love elegance and class, you’ll love BMW.  These machines are a proud possession for one to own. The K 1200 LT, for instance,  boasts of a 1200 cc engine and in-line four cylinders – whichever place you park it; it’s bound to grab attention.


The traditional yet modern choice for many, these motorcycles uses the best-engineered parts and peripherals. Fast and sturdy, extremely stable and in line with the world’s best technology used. They are a popular choice – you can love the Yz85.


The most widely and frequently bought bike is good enough for everybody – from common men to beginners to novices. With a good design and best in class products, it boasts of an extensive clientele and admirers. CBR 250 R has been the one of the fastest and most popular of the bikes.


A very classic yet contemporary brand, these bikes are very comfortable and oozes both comfort and brand value. The name speaks for itself and gives an excellent mileage and value for its cost! Ninja 650R remains a hot favourite, and you can buy one of them at a used condition for a great price.


These are meant for the sporty and savvy kind who enjoy their road trips, to be adventurous yet stylish. Sophisticated and beautiful looks attract the normal eyes and beautify one’s courtyard! 800 Super Sport is a “Super-Delight”!


An old and vintage bike can be regal and classy. If you want to own something as hot and irresistible as the old wine, matchless is your choice. 650 CC G12 CS is like a tornado, and a must have for bike lovers.


America’s first motorcycle, it is a true achiever and competitor, and one of the best in its class because of its innovative designs and quality materials. The chief model is the CHIEF.

Searching for the right motorcycle classifieds can help you buy one of these easily.