Whether you’ve worked hard on a brick and mortar business for many years or you are a greenhorn in the online marketing business, there is one thing that is relevant to all marketing ventures which is the generation of high-quality leads.

How do you generate high quality leads to your business? The only way is through marketing.

Inbound Marketing comprises of the of how clients, consumers, customers or leads use the world wide web to seek relevant information and make purchases, and then applies this understanding to every element of advertising content and marketing design.

Inbound marketing is what you will have to be conversant with whether you have an established online presence or are just in the starting phases of your first website’s development.

There are different ways to get clients, consumers, customers or leads to buying your product or services by taking advantage of the Internet’s vast resources. This may be a little risky for the starters, but for professionals, they know there are no two ways about it if you want to take the marketing of your business serious.

You may hire a professional to do everything for you which will come at a cost or you may decide to learn and do everything yourself.

The second option is more beneficial in the long run because you become more conversant and knowledgeable about it and can even run a customized marketing campaign for yourself. The first option is beneficial in the short term especially for those looking for a quick fix for their online endeavor but it will require you to fork out some cash from your pocket.

Inbound Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

An inbound marketing professional will offer the advice and expertise you may need to establish your Internet presence and build consistent traffic your business.

Inbound Marketing Strategy – How Does it Work?

There are several ways to attract potential clients, patients, or customers:

1.  Search Engine Optimization – popularly called SEO is the method of organizing your web content- written content, graphic content, video content etc to make it easier for search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to read your website and rank your web content- written content, graphic content, video content and your website. Search engines use spiders or bots and other specialized software to judge your content and place it on their result pages (SERPs).

Through the use of keywords and metadata, a previously obscure page can improve its ranking and raise businesses online visibility. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your web presence.

2.  Social Media Marketing – There are many Social media platforms and some of the popular ones like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and have subscribers and members running into hundreds of millions.

Social media reach more people than any other platform and these set of people are already organized into marketable niches and Tribes.

An effective social media marketing strategy and a well-crafted message will reach people via the various channels in ways the best outbound marketing strategies could never even with all his latest strategy.

A proper knowledge and understanding of how people interact on different social media platforms can help you take advantage of the biggest, and steadily growing lead generation system in the world if properly used.

3.  Blogging -Is a means of building relationships with your potential clients and all those interested in your niches. Building relationships with customers clients have always been a headache for marketers trying to build trust in a brand.

Blogging affords you the opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers on a consistent basis, creating previously unimaginable channels for user-feedback and long-term business relationships.

Relationship marketing has become the new marketing jargon online and those who understand and build relationships with their existing client base, and with prospective clients through blogging, will be in business long after the competition has folded up. The only downside to it is that you will always need a lot of content on a continuous basis.

4.  Pay-Per-Click or PPC – This is a paid method for getting traffic or client. Different search engines will allow you to generate advertisement banners and ads and charge you when anyone clicks on them to your website or to wherever your link directs them to. They charge you for directing traffic to your website.

Often times, this traffic is targeted and can be monetized in different ways. Your clickthrough rate CTR is determined by your ads and the effectiveness thereof is determined by how much or how little you pay per click.

This method is not advisable for a novice as it can be quite expensive if you don’t have the knowledge to manage a campaign effectively. Here, restraints should be exercised and daily budgets should be kept low until you get a feel for what you are doing.

If you perform and balance all the elements listed above effectively, you will improve your online business traffic meaningfully, build new relationships and improve existing ones which will all come back to give you lasting sales which you have not imagined before.

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