You are planning a major move and you hardly relish the experience. After all, it isn’t every day that you will pack your belongings and make the transition to a new residence. Indeed, the process will likely take weeks to complete and that means life as you know it will be turned upside down.

Fortunately, millions of people have blazed the trail before you and some people regularly move, including business executives and military personnel along with their families. These people are not just experienced, but have knowledge they’re willing to impart to you, the mover. Let’s take a look at some of the more helpful tips that the frequent mover may share.

1. Develop a blueprint. It goes without saying that having a blueprint to follow as you make your move will certainly help matters. By blueprint, that means a plan, one that outlines every step from the moment you learn about your new assignment to moving in to your next home. Some of the details may still be unsettled, such as the home where you will be living. Still, you can develop your blueprint immediately and fill in the gaps as you go.

2. Shop for a moving option now. Will you be moving yourself or using the services of a moving company? Find out what your options are, including using a pod or similar type service. Once you settle a choice, then get estimates from at least three providers advises the Allied Moving Company. For instance, if you choose the services of a moving company, you want at least three representatives to show up in your home to speak with you and provide a written estimate. That estimate should be based on the items you plan to move, not the stuff you will throw out, donate or sell. Make sure you distinguish those items so that your moving cost isn’t exaggerated.

3. Look for a new place to live. With the initial process underway, you’re ready to find a new place to live. You know the parameters of what works best for you, so follow those carefully as you search for a home. Make a point to visit your new location, search for a home, and sign a contract. It may not be as easy as finding a home in one weekend, but it shouldn’t be a drawn out affair either.

4. Begin packing. Go ahead and pack! After all, you need to get this process started as soon as possible because it is perhaps the most involved of the move highlights that must be managed. Experts tell us that the items that aren’t going with us should be separated immediately. They also say that you can get much work done when neither children nor pets are underfoot. So, arrange for a family member or a friend to watch the little ones or your furry friends and start packing!

5. Make the transition. There will be a lot of little matters that need tending to as you transition to your new life. These include: notifying the post office of your pending move; obtaining medical records from doctors, dentists, and veterinarians; informing creditors of your new address; labeling boxes to ensure that they go to the right rooms in your home; and closing local bank and financial accounts. These transition points will take weeks to accomplish and you will have to do much follow up, especially when obtaining medical records. Stay at it and you will get these tasks done well before you move.

Moving Considerations

There is so much more involved with moving that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This is where friends and family can come in. Don’t be shy asking people to help you pack, watch the children, cook meals or handle some of the more rudimentary tasks involved with moving. Call upon those you can count on; after all you’ve been with them to help during their time of need.