First step towards building an effective business website is to choose a good web hosting company. If you want to have a personal blog or website for your company, then you need to select between the two most popular platforms i.e. Linux or Windows hosting. Usually, many people prefer Linux servers over the windows. There is a big difference between both the two.

Although both offer the same functions, but the only and the biggest difference is that the Linux is free of cost, whereas Windows comes with licensing fees. Linux is based on UNIX and allows you to use PHP, CGI, Perl and Python, which are the most popular choices for a webmaster. With Windows, you can use ASP.NET or PHP.

When choosing a hosting plan, select the one which is able to handle too much traffic while still remaining cost effective. Linux hosting is the better option, as it gives returns for your investments. The affordability which allows everyone to start their own website or blog comes with the Linux hosting.

Here are many advantages of using a Linux hosting:

  • Cost

Price is the most important advantage that most people look for. As Linux is the open source web development platform, the developers will not have to spend any money for installing it. Since they save on licensing fees they are able to provide Linux based hosting services for lower prices. The monthly or annual hosting charges are much cheaper than Windows hosting.

WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are some of the popular and free scripts which come with Linux based hosting. You can contact any of the trusted web hosting services in Singapore to get Linux web hosting facility at affordable prices.

  • Flexibility

Using Linux hosting, you can do as many things as you want like creating multimedia or e-commerce application, blog, etc. Linux is easy to update and also to modify. It comes with the (GNU) General Public License, so as to make it work flexibly with different distributions like SUSE Linux, Ubuntu or Red Hat.

  • Simplicity and Speed

Simplicity is the great advantage which is offered by the Linux as it is easier and more user-friendly compared to windows hosting. It is also known for handling more traffic and providing better performance than windows hosting.

  • Security and Reliability

Security is an important issue, when we see many websites have experienced some sort of online theft like hacking, etc. Both the Linux and Windows operating system are comparatively secure. The Linux have regular automatic backups which keep the users’ data safe and secure. When you look for the reliability, Linux is at the top position as it was the OS that was developed in 1991. Also, the newer Linux versions can run for years without any need to update, which gives you a clear picture about its reliability.

The above mentioned advantages clearly tell you that Linux hosting is a better option any day. Windows hosting is important only when your website requires any Windows application like ASP.NET, ASP, Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access, as these will not work on Linux hosting. If you use Perl, PHP, MySQL, then Linux should be your first choice. Also, installing these applications will help you to boost the performance of your websites.