LED lighting is presently the optimal solution available to meet the lighting needs of commercial and residential complexes. With huge investments being made in recent years by the major brands in the market, LED technology is said to have matured and evolved to a great extent. LED bulbs are known to offer equivalent light output to those conventional compact fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lamps.

LED Lighting An Introduction

Why switch over to LED lamps?

These days, LED lighting systems do form excellent industrial lighting products and are being used by organizations of all types and domains across the globe. LED tubes or lamps are found to be durable, strong and do not have any filaments in them. hence, they do not have any chance of breaking, shattering or harmful mercury contamination. Most branded LED lamps are expected to have a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. This is considered to be 50 times longer time when compared to those traditional incandescent lamps. Moreover, they also are known to consume 90% less energy, thus saving precious energy and money. Doing ownership cost calculation can help to better understand the advantages offered by LED lighting. Electricity saving is to be calculated along with costs avoided for not replacing the blown bulbs over lamp’s lifetime.

The other reason to switch over to LED lamps is that they are completely safe for people’s health as well as for the environment. These lamps consume 90% less electricity. This effectively means CO2 emissions are reduced by about 90%! This way,  carbon footprint can be reduced drastically along with the energy bills.

Great designs

These days, there have emerged numerous LED lamp manufacturers who have come out with different types of interesting designs having similar dimensions, cap bases and light output like that of conventional lamps. It makes retrofitting easy, quick and effortless. LED lamps, in the majority of the cases, are slot directly within the existing fittings and fixtures. They can provide comparable dimming functionality. Shoppers can choose their preferred color temperature, like cool white, warm white, etc. and beam angle to match existing setup.

Also, the focus has been made on its aesthetics to ensure that they appear fabulous looking just like the conventional lamps replaced by them. it is necessary, in case of globe or candle bulbs in luminaries or chandeliers, especially where the decorative effect has been regarded to be crucial. The leading brands are designing their candle lamps for improving the chandelier’s aesthetic appeal, not just when lit, however, also when it is not. This is also done with those unique eye-catching lens and classical slender shape. Quality LED lamps can offer sparkling warm light and can help reduce cost and provide huge energy savings.

As a matter of fact, LED commercial industrial lighting is slowly gaining prominence over CFL low energy lamps and is becoming the favorite lighting solutions among organizations.

According to the industry experts and researchers, if everyone changes their lighting system to LED type, then it will become possible to save sufficient energy to light approximately 5 million homes and even more!