The Whatsapp has a special place in the hearts of the people as they get a chance to socialise by messaging and interacting with their dear ones on this cross platform mobile messaging app. The Whatsapp has become a newer place to showcase the creativity and mood changes to the friends and followers. This is done via altering the broadcasting Whatsapp status message with unique phrases and intellectual sayings which can view by all the Whatsapp users and create an impressive note.

Keeping the Romance On

The best way to let your partner know that you care can be through a publicly displaying status message on your Whatsapp profile. An ordinary status of hello, or I am using Whatsapp which are inbuilt in the Whatsapp app are not very happening, however the more active users prefer to change their display pics and also have unique status which gives their Whatsapp profile a unique dimension. A number of  magical quotes are available online for better status updates, some are love based and can sometimes successfully bring the couples back from the brink of breakup and lead a fairy tale story of happily ever after with the power of words. The partner can be pleased by the 3 golden words of love and also the bond between the partners will get better and stronger. Simple life events can become more enjoyable with funny statuses. Also, sometimes powerful status does not require any emoticon too. In case of romantic days like Valentine’s Day or marriage anniversaries, love quotes look worthwhile and apt for spending the day in a romantic manner. You’re the best thing that happened to me and I mean it really is one of the cute Whatsapp status update which can mesmerise your partner or boyfriend even without even stating their name The same love can be shown loud and clear via the Whatsapp application even to other family members, relatives and friends who are linked in your life strongly .

Developing and Showing the Right Positive Attitude in Life

Sometimes bitching, jealousy and ego are evils which make life bitter and sad. Hence, the status for whatsapp can be the best way to showcase the hatred towards such negativities. A status like If you’re talking abt me behind mah back….. go ahead this is the best angle to kiss mah ass! is good enough to showcase confidence in persona and a deliberate and indirect way to answer to the negative people in life. The bond between the people has become stronger with the continuous interaction possibility via the application; the people can share even most funny jokes on their status and give a good smile to the visitors of their profile. Every morning, a refreshing inspirational good morning quote can help make the whole day pleasing and delightful. The status messages are decorative writing pieces which can also become a part of your scrapbooks and personal diaries and a impressive learning facet of life. The confident attitude can be a great stride in personal and professional life and the small hints can be given via the attitude status messages like “Take me as I am or watch me as I go”.