Safety of a mobile home is a question mark for lots of people. The very first thing which comes in every buyer’s mind while purchasing a mobile home, is their house safe?

First, you need to ask whether your house is ‘manufactured home’ or a ‘mobile home’. Now you are a little confused, let me resolve your confusion. Homes which were built after June 15, 1976, are known as manufactured homes and homes which are older than this particular date are commonly known as mobile homes. Even though manufactured homes are often larger than mobile homes and the real difference was of building code. Before June 1976, engineers tended to build smaller mobile homes for just 2 to 3 people because at that particular time mobile homes were just kept for outing purposes but now people tend to live in it, so it should be larger and comfortable enough for people so that they can get a luxury life just they are getting in their site-built houses.

Other than that, there were four changes in a code which were implemented the changes were.

  • Smoke detection was introduced, just to save the house from catching fire.
  • Electrical systems were updated which can deal with aluminum wiring.
  • Manufactured homes provide adequate space for bedroom windows which can help in the evacuation.
  • A system of leak testing was also introduced which can test the leakage of the gas line.

Other issues to Look for in a Mobile Homes:

The next a set of the issue is of foundation, water damage, electrical and gas system. If these issues are solved then your house is fully safe.

  • The first thing which is the root of every concern regarding a mobile home is the foundation. If your foundation is not strong then nothing will go in your favor. Your home must be placed on a properly compacted soil. The foundation of your mobile homes should be smooth and flat so that it could get stable wherever it will be placed.
  • The second most important concern is with your water and electric system. There are lots of Texas mobile homes which are have faced such issues and the people living there have no idea how to cope up with it. You need to check all the gas lines, electric system and plumbing pipes on a periodic basis to make sure proper performance and safety. Moreover, if you want to protect your mobile homes then install a carbon mono oxide detector near your furnace, especially for the older furnace.
  • The last major and most important area of concern is fire safety. According to the latest survey, Texas mobile homes are more prone to catch fire. Plumbing and electric issue come first but fire safety is one of the issues which should not be ignored. Kitchen is one of the places where over half home fires occur. Here are some of the fire safety practices which every mobile home owner should follow. Always keep your cooking devices clean, install fire detection devices and make sure to check their batteries once in a week.

How to Keep Your Mobile Home Safe?

There are two major steps through which you can ensure the safety of your mobile home. First, is to follow good safety measures and the second most important is a periodic inspection. A mobile home should normally be inspected every 4-6 months. We are not talking about the inspection of the whole house which cost much, but you need to inspect the major areas which include plumbing and electrical system and gas lines. Through inspecting you will get to know the actual problem if there any, and you should get your problem solved before it gets severe.

Finally, you must have proper insurance on your house, so you can claim that if any mishap happens. Insurance coverage of a mobile home is amazingly inexpensive and through this, your home will get secure. The last but not the least thing, you should have a person who is familiar enough with mobile home coverage and who can help you out in such a situation.