Montreal has a plan for the Old Port of Tomorrow and it has been unveiled with a few finance details according to the Montreal Gazette. Anytime the search engine reputation management team hears about massive projects like this, they know that there will be backfire since the allocated money towards the project can go into something better such as the roads of Montreal or some people might even say it can go to charity. The Old Port of Tomorrow will include a six-kilometer promenade, wide-open green spaces,steps leading down to the water in several places, two hotels and a glass lookout on top of Silo number 5 in order to be able to give Montrealers and tourists, better access to the river. The total cost of this master plan will cost 175$ million for the public infrastructure alone, which is open to public consultations.

Residents are starting to wonder who will pay for like 175$ million project and it is expected to begin in the late 2019 and carry on for the next 10 to 15 years said Basil Cavis the Vice President of the Old Port of Montreal. Since the Old Port is federal land, Cavis had suggested that the federal government will play a significant role in funding the project but financing will be unveiled later. The next step before starting anything is to convince the public and the city of Montreal that its what they want.

The plan presented had got 1700 participants in the public consultations last year and their views are reflected in their master plan. Their plan also lacks means since visitors cant go into the water since there is no urban bathing allows and this is something that Cavis said they are working on for next year, potentially. The biggest downside for this plan other than the price which is 175$ million, is the fact that it would be under construction until 2034. They claim that the Old Port will be open in the meantime since any construction has to be in phases.