Most of us enjoy celebrating the holidays by showcasing our homes in related décor. Decorations do not have to be expensive or prolific. In fact, with a minimal amount of time and money, anyone can dress up their home in fun and attractive ways to make the holiday season even more exciting.


A home’s lighting can be adjusted to offer several types of seasonal moods. A cheery fireplace for the fall holidays adds luster and ambiance for family or festive gatherings. Colored decorative lights that are hung in the windows, on a tree, or over the doorways for Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa add sparkle throughout the home.

Wall decorations.

Whatever the season or holiday, wall art and decorations can be changed to emphasize the time. Banners and streamers, framed wall art, and wreaths are a few inexpensive ways to dress up your home for special holidays. Swag draperies can be added, along with swirling ribbons or themed decorations that dangle from the ceiling in one or several rooms. For example, stars suspended on dark thread from the family room ceiling that is decorated for Christmas add a special touch.

Figurines and decorative accents.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable figurines, candles, and decorative plates that can be displayed around the house as noticeable accents. At Easter, lovely ceramic eggs nestled in floral baskets or springtime containers make wonderful table pieces in the living room or as shelf ornaments. Patriotic holidays Like Memorial Day and July 4th become more pronounced with sparkly paper fireworks and ornamental flags sitting on tables where guests are gathered.

Entrance accents.

The front door is the perfect place to emphasize your holiday celebrations for guests. A seasonal wreath on the door with colorful lights over the door frame are attention grabbers from the start. For Halloween or Thanksgiving, arrange a harvest scenario on the porch or patio with pumpkins, maize corn, and corn stalks, and a scarecrow, or a cornucopia of field fruits and vegetables on a porch table for display.

Outdoor enhancements.

Don’t forget to dress up the lawn for your favorite holidays. Decorate small trees and shrubs with lights or outdoor ornaments that will celebrate the holiday theme. Add figurines of various sizes to create a tableau related to certain holidays, like Dickens figures for a Victorian Christmas or an Easter parade of decorative garden animals in faux bonnets. Bird baths and bird feeders are another way to commemorate the holidays when you attach festive ribbons or garlands.

Porch rails can be entwined with holiday garlands or pine roping. Patio furniture may be covered with holiday-themed seat pads or chair covers, some of which can be bought cheaply or second-hand, or homemade.

It doesn’t take much of anything except a little creativity to dress up your home for the holidays. Shopping second-hand or dollar stores provides great deals on inexpensive décor, or you can sew or assemble decorations at home. Start planning your next holiday home makeover now to be ready for fun times ahead.

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