People love to enjoy music whether they are in a kitchen or living room. Panasonic all series speakers are the ultimate audio system for multiple rooms. This multi room speakers are wireless speakers with 40W integrated subwoofer, compact 2x20W SCALL3 and 2x20W amplification. Using the Wi-FI network users can send the same song or music to many rooms at a time or individual music track for different rooms. The multi room wireless system is featured with SH-ALL1C system audio connector. This is used in integrating the existing audio equipment and upgrading the current hi-fi control to multi room. This sound wireless system also features a quality 192 kilo hertz/ 24 DAC. This is designed to enhance the audio performance and clarity of connected audio components. This system also features a burr down TI digital to analogue converter to keep the audiophiles happy.

The all series speaker system of Panasonic is built around the smart media platform called QUALCOMM all play. This means users can use any allplay products to enjoy the music. Users can also play the stored music into wireless zone and stream music services with the help of Panasonic music streaming application. Installation of this multi room audio system is easy and quick by using the existing Wi-Fi network. Users can continue adding additional speakers in other rooms after install this audio system. Albums can be streamed and played to many speakers using either multi zone or party mode. The party mode plays a single audio source into all the wireless zones simultaneously. The multi zone mode can be used in streaming the specific music into specific zones. Users can control all the wireless speakers using the Panasonic music streaming application. The Panasonic all series speaker systems sound great and look stylish with its unique oval sides.

SC AII1C and SC ALL3 can stand either horizontally or vertically making them very easy to place in rooms. Both the SC ALL3 and SC ALL8 employ latest sound enhancing technologies. SC ALL8 incorporates five speakers system along with Nano bamboo speakers for tweeter and woofer. The second generation of lincsD amp uses noise shaping technology that can reduce the jitter to the frequency range levels that are audible to human ear. SC ALL3 incorporates the four speaker system. Proprietary multi band control is used in controlling the audio distortion. Users can steam to the all series multi room speakers system either through the Panasonic app or preferred music service applications such as spotify. This makes it very easy for users to switch between headphones to the all series speakers to enjoy the music.

Set the music free with this wireless multi room audio system and enjoy listening music in multiple rooms. Users can play one song on all the speakers at a time by choosing the party mode. The multi zone option enables users to play different music in different rooms. Sound quality is another advantage of this audio system. Impressive sound quality turns this wireless audio system into great music. The multi room wireless audio system can fill the rooms easily with its powerful sharp sound. Users no need to bind the speakers with cables. They can stream the songs from any source like tablet, smartphone or PC. All series wireless audio speakers will become the part of the network automatically. Control all the music from one app or music subscription services. If you install this audio system in your home, you can switch from headphones to speakers as you entered your home. This becomes possible with the wireless connection and Panasonic music control application. Use your smartphone to get access to the app and have control in the music system.