When it comes to taking the decision for hosting your business, it is necessary that you choose wisely. It’s like making a first impression online for your clients, means you should have the best website. High number of customers and transactions are the signs, which tell that you should move to a dedicated server. Using a dedicated web hosting can help you get optimum performance, quick data access, and easy accommodation of high traffic volumes.

Types of Web Hosting

There are three types of web hosting:

  • Collocation hosting server – The user owns the server and the company provides a physical space on it and takes care of the server. It is the most powerful and expensive type of server.
  • Shared hosting server – It is the hosting service where many websites reside on a particular server. It is a very economical type of server.
  • Dedicating hosting server – It is the type of service in which a client leases the entire server, which is not shared with anyone. It is more flexible and has a high level of security.

Dedicated hosting is the perfect server for every business, whether small or big. The best dedicated server hosting services Singapore offer them successfully to many business organizations. Many types of cost are attached to a dedicated server such as server fees, bandwidth fees, setup charges, etc.

Dedicated Server Specification

You have to choose an operating system for your dedicated server. Operating system is of two kinds Windows or Linux. Remember Linux dedicated server is difficult to operate, so it’s better to choose Windows. Also, you need a fast processor and more memory space because all of these will help your website to run quickly, so more and more customers are able to access the data on your website.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Customization

With dedicated server hosting services you can manage the configuration of your own server. Also, you are able to install your own software’s.

  • Performance

A dedicated server provides a higher level of performance and if your website has high resolution photos or clips and have a lot of traffic then also your website will open quickly.

  • High level of security

It offers a high security which is evident from the fact that no one can access to your server. Also, these servers have less possibility of cyber attacks.

  • Own IP address

Unlike other hosting servers, the dedicated server has its own IP address.

  • Reliability

It is the most reliable server as you are not under risk of, that your server being slowed or flooded with traffic.

Selecting the proper dedicated server will give you freedom, control, speed, and security that will help you to make your e-business a success. Dedicated server hosting may be more expensive, but if you are looking for reliable hosting that offers all of the benefits mentioned above, then it is something that is well worth to investment.