There are several things about franchising that people simply don’t think about before they begin, and it is more so in Singapore. The market is merciless for business owners of all kinds in this country and it is only becoming worse. Starting a franchise business in Singapore is harder to do than any other country in the world today. The best thing you can do if you are serious about getting into Singapore with your business, then you should have a lot of money, ideas, and endless love for your business before even getting involved.


Getting a franchise business started is not a cheap venture as you will be paying out a lot of money for the contract of the franchise, renovations, equipment, furnishings, rent for the space, and supplies. This can run you millions of dollars within the blink of an eye and that is only the beginning. You will also need to set up other necessities for the business that most don’t even consider such as utilities. Not only will you need a lot of cash just to get the business up and going, you will also need to pay your employees a large sum as well considering it is in your best interest to keep them happy.

Choosing Your Brand

Choosing a popular and well-known brand in Singapore is in your best interest to ensure that the landlord of the space you want will be as lenient as possible with you. Unknown or less popular franchises have more trouble finding a place as well as keeping on their feet in Singapore’s hectic market. Ensuring your security is not only a necessity, it is good business.

Your Niche

When you choose your franchise, you should also ensure that you are passionate about the company that you choose. There are many different businesses out there and a wider variety of popular brands to choose from. If you are paying the big money to start a franchise business, you should be happy with the choice that you make. By choosing a niche company that you will enjoy, you can continue to be fired up through the first few months as you get the company off the ground and enjoy yourself more even when things are stressful.


Building strong relationships with your landlord and suppliers is another beneficial move if you choose to start a franchise in Singapore. Suppliers are the first to become unhappy if they are not paid on time or you have not built a friendly relationship with them. If you manage to upset your supplier, your supplies will stop coming. And if you owe them any money at all not only will you have zero supplies, but the banks will even come to collect debts that you may have whether they are due or not. A good relationship with your landlord is another way to keep the peace as any problems will be repaired quickly.
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