Chinese market has always been different from other markets. It has its own path of development – sometimes absolutely unapprehendable for the Western specialists. Nevertheless, there is something in common between Chinese companies and organizations from other parts of the world – they all are in need of a reliable, functional, and user-friendly business process management platform.

Bpm’online is a perfect fit for the Asian market. According to the recent research conducted by the vendor of this software, it has all the tools and solutions regional businesses may need. Bpm’online CRM is becoming more and more popular in China, and in several years it is sure to become one of the most demanded systems in the country.

Basic Functionality of the Platform

New Premium CRM Vendor in China

Bpm’online CRM in China has a variety of tools for the following business processes:

Sales. The software provides the companies with advantages of every aspect of their sales processes and increase revenue through nurturing existing prospects and acquiring new leads. The out-of-the-box tools of this system guide enterprises through the most effective operations in order to minimize possible errors and lead to higher results.

Marketing. This CRM-oriented system lets organizations activate their omnichannel communication capabilities, which are extremely important for striking up friendly relationships with customers. Bpm’online includes a set of solutions for efficient automation of every stage of the marketing funnel, including generation of demands, nurturing of leads, repeat sales, and so on.

Service. By using bpm’online CRM in China, companies get the opportunity to redesign their service desk in accordance with their personal needs and preferences. The out-of-the-box tools and solutions of this system correspond to the best practices and recommendations of ITIL. They let organizations manage customer requests as soon as possible, create automated answers to the repeated questions, use multifunctional service catalogues, and so on.

Why Companies in China Choose Bpm’online CRM

The benefits of this solution are as follows:

It lets companies achieve 100% profile completeness.

Organizations get the opportunity to accumulate, store, and use the actual data about their customers. The platform lets them add weight to every parameter in client profile and visualize this information in the most convenient way. It becomes much easier for sales reps to identify important buyers and profitable transactions, find the essential details they may need in the future, and perform a number of other missions.

New Premium CRM Vendor in China

Bpm’online CRM in China implies accurate arrangement of incidents and service requests.

Having implemented this platform, companies get a set of tools for registering all customer cases in a handy database. They can arrange their data by the chosen categories, for example, incidents or advisory services. The system allows the company’s management assign the agents, elaborate the timeframes of their resolutions, and manage communications.

New Premium CRM Vendor in China

It includes a number of tools for account and contact management.

Having chosen bpm’online CRM in China, companies receive a single database for all the accounts and contacts they’re working with. It is the best method to build a 360-degree view of the company’s customers. Besides, the platform allows businesses to keep record of their contact data, track every lead on the map, detect connections between clients, and so on. Having a 360° view of their cuatomers, organizations get the opportunity to predict their buying behavior and thus increase the company’s overall revenue.

New Premium CRM Vendor in China