With Microsoft office 365 throwing many an options for its customer, we will see what is the best option available based on one’s need. If one is planning to buy office 365 cloud as packaged subscription, then it can even include office 2016. Also office 2016 comes in standalone version too.

Office 2016 standalone versions

Office 2016 comes in 2 business standalone versions. One is Business & home standalone version and the other is professional 2016. Business and home standalone version includes basic services such as PowerPoint, excel, word etc. A professional version also includes all the basic services of home version plus they include access and publisher. However the standalone versions do allow of uploading data in the cloud.

Office 2016 with office 365

If you are buying office 365, you can also get 2016. Which means office 2016 can be included in the overall package of office 365. With this version, you have a range of options at your disposal according to your needs

Benefits of using office 365 proPlus

  • You get the cloud versions of services such as excel PowerPoint and word.
  • Large storing space for your data
  • Uptime guaranteed by 99.9%
  • Provides the best security with Microsoft
  • Best collaboration with other services under the cloud.
  • Services include exchange online, SharePoint online, skype and web conferencing and more. Find more at http://www.o365cloudexperts.com
  • Prevention against data loss or theft
  • Synced and up to date data
  • Easy manuals for learning and customizations
  • Protection from virus and malware
  • Very cheap pricing
  • Unique domain name and mailbox
  • Can be accessed from any location
  • Nicely integrates with mobile versions

Let us compare the versions to come to a conclusion

  • Features and programs- If we are looking for basic need of programs such as excel and work, office 2016 standalone would greatly do. However if we have a long list of features like SharePoint and intranet and cloud, then we have the best option in office 365 cloud.
  • Accessibility- If one is looking to access the service from different locations or mobile, then 365 will be a best option as generally office 2016 is a desktop compatible product. Office 365 also gives you unlimited access to online programs at no extra effort.
  • Up gradation- If a customer requires to upgrade a version, chances are for new feature he might need to purchase. However with office 365, all he needs to do us upgrade his subscription at the clock of a button and with little cost.
  • Pricing- If you want an office 2016, you will need to buy the product one time. However, with office 365 proPlus you can pay small amount monthly which will be preferred with many customers.
  • Data security- Data security in office 2016 is under the control of buyer. But with office 365 proPlus being on cloud, Microsoft provides the best security parameters available in the market.
  • Data retrieval- It is easy to retrieve lost data from office proPlus as the data are cloned in server and stored in the data centers of Microsoft across the locations
  • Space- Microsoft proPlus provides more space for files and documents at cheaper rates.
  • Trial- You can also get free trial license of office 365 enterprise E3 for 30 days.

On thoughtful consideration it is safe to conclude both office 2016 and office proPlus has their own advantages and disadvantages. Small companies might look forward to office 2016 standalone for their need, whereas larger corporate absolutely have dependency for office 365 proPlus. Also for some organization a combination of office 365 and 2016 may be well suited based on their need for both standalone and cloud versions. Some companies may prefer office 365 for various other features and other products collaborated within it, similarly others may never have need for skype for business or SharePoint online or similar programs, so office 365 may not be much useful. So it looks the benefits are more or less equally divided under different environment and need of an organization. If you want to try out office 365 proPlus for free, you can do so at office 365 enterprise E3 to help you in your buying decision.