Modern devices are multi functional and are often are not cheap. So many of those who want to buy a mobile phone, immediately start thinking about the protection of their device.

There is an entire industry dealing with the production of accessories, which can prolong the life of any gadget ranging from inexpensive ones such as Motorola X to rather flagships such as a Lumia 1020. In this article, we will try find out what accessories are the best for your new gadget.

Screen Protectors for Mobile Phones

Previously, the presence of a screen protector on a screen of a smartphone was a prerequisite, especially for devices that didn’t have a case. Without such a screen protector, a screen of smartphone would be covered with scratches in a few days. Today, the presence of it is desirable, but everything depends on the type of glass and the screen, that is used in a smartphone. Many smartphone manufacturers equip their devices with the durable Gorilla Glass screens. Such a screen does not need a screen protector, although there are risks of scratching it with usual silica sand. If the glass on your phone is not tempered, however, it is better to buy screen protector still.

Protective Glass

Protective glass as well as a screen protector is also designed to prevent a smartphone screen from mechanical damage, dirt and debris left by fingers. However, unlike screen protectors, such protective glasses are made using another technology and they have a greater strength. The mounting of such screen glasses is similar to installing a screen protector.

The thickness of such a protective glass is about 0.3 mm, and the hardness is at least 3 times higher than that of screen protectors. This means that it is not afraid of any sharp keys or scratches from other metal objects, which are likely to be in close proximity with your gadget in your bag or pocket. The Oleophobic properties of such a glass are also higher than those in a screen protector.


The case is the most common accessory for a smartphone. It is used both to protect a device, and even to change the looks of it.

As for the form factor of cases, the range of them is also quite extensive:


They are usually made of plastic of different colors and represent a cover that fits on the back of a smartphone and also covers the sides of it. These cases should be used together with a screen protector or a protective glass.


They are designed more for a decoration of a gadget rather than for its protection. They are usually made of silicone or rubberized materials and protect only the most vulnerable parts of your smartphone.


These are perhaps the most reliable covers, which represent a protective cover. A smartphone is completely protected, the sides and the back panel rigidly fixed.

Summarizing, we hope you now have a clear understanding of different protective accessories and you will be able to make the right choice when considering buying one. In case you still have not decided on the model of a smartphone you want to buy, we suggest you click here to check price for Nokia phone.