Every country has many special places that are worth visiting, especially for male tourists. If you go to Italy, you should visit pizzeria, Holland – coffee shop, England – gentlemen’s club, Ireland – popular Irish pubs. If you do not want to lose your way to pub attractions, it is better to hire a car in Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse (Gravity Bar)

This pub is legendary place in Dublin to be situated on the top floor of ex Guinness beer factory. There is a Guinness Museum in this building. You can enjoy the panoramic Dublin view and drink the pint of Guinness. You know, the city landscapes make your dizzy.

Address: 8, St. James’s Gate


Temple Bar Pub

The main feature of the Temple Bar Pub is not only tasty beer but the big area of restaurants, clubs, shops and museums. There is an atmosphere of feast and holiday. You really believe that all people around are friends. You will never miss this place: red facade welcomes to come in to enjoy drink.

Address: 47/48, Temple Bar

Kehoe’s Pub

There is a good place that is especially attractive for beer weekend – Kehoe’s Pub. The pub firstly opened the door in 1803. The interior decoration is simple and pleasant. It takes you to the 19th century. You can meet such famous writers as James Joyce, Brendan Behan. This is the nosiest and oldest pub in Dublin. The interior is the same as it was 100 years ago: furniture, vintage windows, and advertising posts from the past century. The pub welcomes many people in the evening. You can meet many football fans here and tourists. The atmosphere is democratic.

Address: 9, South Anne Street

The Stag’s Head

There is one more historical pub in Dublin – Stags Head – that is famous of hospitality and good beer. This pub was opened in 1780. It was constructed as the best fashionable and best visiting place of the past century. You can listen to Irish music and watch comedy performances. You know, it looks like museum but not a pub. The pub got its name because of interior item – stag’s head. By the way, it was the first pub with the electricity lights in Dublin in that time.

You can try not only different sorts of beer but local delicacies. The dishes are cooked based on beer taste. You can see comedies on Mondays and poetry evening on Sundays.

Address: 1, Dame Court

Irish Pub

McDaid’s Pub

Mc Daids Pub is the subject for discussion for books and stories. This is also a popular place for many other Irish writers. It is said, that the most of literature characters were written right here, in the pub. This is a chance to listen to blues and jazz music. The pup interior has amazing history. You know, it was city chapel and church. Thus, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of old literary Dublin, welcome to McDaid’s.

Address: 3, Harry Street

John Mulligan’s Pub

This pub is good for locals and tourists. There is special atmosphere here. You meet many journalists from the Irish Times Newspaper and Irish Press Newspaper. Mulligans Pub is one of the best and oldest Dublin pubs. Its history counts more than 300 years. It is charming because it does not try to follow modern tendencies to be old and historically important.

Address: 8, Poolbeg Street


This pub is situated not far from the Grafton Street. You can enjoy beer in the decor of Victorian lamps. You can come here after the tiring excursion or shopping to have some rest. Neary’s is luxury pub with the relaxing atmosphere.

Address: 1, Chatham Street

Palace Bar

Meet the pearl of pubs in Dublin – Palace Bar. This pub started history in 1823. It is worth saying that it was not changed a lot since then. This was also a popular place for writers and other artists. It was once said that Palace Bar is not a bar but the palace of arts. Come and see!

Address: 21, Fleet Street

So Irish...


The Toners was founded in 1818. You can try different sorts of beer here. That was the popular place to visit for William Butler Yeats – Irish poet. Traditionally, the pub looks like museum but not a pub. This is a popular characteristic for the most of old Irish pubs.

Address: 139, Baggot Street

The Porterhouse

Three-storeyed building is decorated in village style. Of course, the interior is plain, but comfortable. You can try own-produced beer of high class. You cannot try this sort of beer somewhere else in the world.

It is very easy to find it. You can see City Hall in the end of the street. The pub offers to try 10 sorts of Irish stout. Guinness Brewery belongs to the multinational corporation InterBrew. So, you can try many different drinks here. You can try stout that is called Oyster to be made of ousters. You can also ask for original Plain. So, your simple ask pint of plain, gives you a pint of Guinness.

Address: 18, Parliament Street

Long Hall

This pub is situated in the center of Dublin. The Long Hall fully corresponds to its name – this is a long pub decorated with antique lights and glassy bar counter. You know, just men had a right to visit this pub. The women could be served just through the buttery hatch.

Address: 51, South Great George’s Street

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The Auld Dubliner

This traditional Irish pub tries to meet all necessary requirements. Everything speaks about its high status: inner decoration, menu and drinks. This is a quiet oasis in the very heart of the city. Nevertheless, you will see the atmosphere of unbridled joy in the evening.

Address: 24-25, Temple Bar

There was time when women could drink no more than a glass of Guinness in the pub. It is strange, but women, drinking beer in public places, were criticized to be ashamed 20 years ago. The times change! You can jump in your car and go to have fun in the nearest pub!