Everything changes with the flow of time and art hasn’t been left untouched with the dynamics of time. The way art was perceived in 18th century is entirely different from the ways we look at it in today’s technologically advanced times. In those times paintings were considered to be a status symbol and only a selected few of royals had access to them. Surely, art remains to be a status symbol but the revolution in paintings has led to affordable art and now more and more people are buying them. The world of art has been witnessing major transformations.Right from the way art pieces were created to the way they were sold, every single facet of it has changed immensely over the period of time. Here is a write up which will take you on a ride and tell you about the different ways in which art was created then and now.

What Made Art Exquisite -Then and Now

  • Creation of art:
    In the previous times, art was created on special orders. Artists used to receive the instructions and then used to create to suit the needs and demands of patrons. Hence, in the middleages, art was a representation of the patron (individual paying for the art) than of the artist himself. Both the parties entered into a contract with mutual agreement. Everything used to be clearly mentioned including, but not limited to, the time taken to complete the painting, money, subject matter of the art and the kind of material which would be used to create the artwork. The artists of that age didn’t just paint something in advance and then hoped that it would sell.
    But in today’s world, artists create the art which pleases them. There might be certain artists who would paint as per someone’s wish or requirement. But most of them produce their own art in order to portray their personal thoughts and beliefs. The artists of today have something which is fondly called as artistic freedom. Nowadays, paintings are being created in abundance which is leading to affordable art, thereby enabling more and more people to buy artworks.
  • Status of an artist:
    The change isn’t just restricted to the ways in which art was created but the status, which was held by an artist, has also changed over the period of time. In the middle ages, artists were considered as skilled labourers. As they used to perform their tasks based on the patron’s demand, society saw them as people who worked with their hands. Surely, the artists of that era condemned this status and they wanted to be given the recognition of thinkers and innovators. There have been multiple instances which are evident of the fight of renaissance artists. Of course, even after the fights and battles, it took centuries for artists to advancetheir stature in the society.
    The times for today’s artists are much simpler as their seniors had fought hard to give them the stature which they hold in today’s world. Artists are not considered anything less than a celebrity and for sure they are the shining stars in the sky of fame. Irrespective of the fact that whether someone is an accomplished artist who creates magnificent pieces or a painter next-door creating exquisite affordable art, the artists of today are enjoying every single benefit of respect and reputation. No one looks down at them and they have gained a high status in the eye of the society.
  • How art derived its value:
    The basis on which art’s value was derived in the medieval times was entirely different. Artists of that age used to extravagant and luxurious items to beautify their paintings. These items included precious jewels, gold and other exquisite valuables. The main reason why these paintings held such immense value was the usage of these expensive articles. Whether it was to express a religious devotion or to reveal the stature of wealth and prosperity, patrons used to demand the usage of exquisite pieces in the paintings. Because such precious items were used in the creation of a painting therefore, there existed no such thing as affordable art in those times.

However, the scenario of today is entirely different. The painters of this era seldom use luxurious items to enhance the appeal of their paintings. The way value of a painting is perceived is entirely different in today’s set-up. Portraits and paintings of today are an extension of the people who created them. Art has now become more of an expression of an artist himself and this is the main reason why anything painted by an acknowledged artist is appreciated so much. Monet could have painted something on a toilet paper and it would have been extremely valuable only because of the fact that it was created by Monet.