There is always an increase in pest activity in the summer season. It has been seen that pests change their habits and patterns with each season change. However, they are more active and prevalent in the summer. This phenomenon is attributed to several factors, but the most distinguishable one is the state of the environment during summer.

Here are some of the reasons why pests annoy us more in summer

  1. Most Insects are Cold-Blooded

Most of the insects in our region are cold-blooded. They obtain their heat from the sun for the regulation of body temperature. Therefore, in summer, the pests are naturally attracted to the warm temperatures hence come out of their nests to get warm. This is also the time that they migrate as they cannot do so during winter, which is the time that they mostly breed. When summer comes about, they leave their nests to look for food. In the process of looking for food, the sun might become too hot for the pests, which makes them look for shelter. The nearest shelter might be your home; thus, the reason why you find more pests in the house in the summer season.

  1. Breeding

Pests such as ants and termites reproduce in the warm summer season. Termites are not active when the weather is cold. They come out to look for mating partners when the weather is warm. Once mating occurs, they retreat to their nests and wait for their young ones. By the time the winter season is back, the young termites are already here, and the colony retreats to nurture them. It is due to this fact that you see swarmers in the summer season and not during winter.

When the temperatures are high, an insect’s life cycle is increased. What this means is that maturing, mating, and reproduction takes less time than it would in the cold season. This shortens the time between generations; therefore, you can have a swarm of insects in a short time due to the high reproduction rate.

  1. Abundance of Food

A lot of the vegetation around reaches its peak period during summer; the vegetation ranges from flowers to vegetables. All this is sufficient food for pests where they come out of their nests to eat to their satisfaction. It is important to note that pests do not inhabit areas that have no food; once they exhaust food in an area, pests migrate to look for more food in other areas.

  1. Increased Humidity During Summer

Summer showers increase humidity, thus creating more moisture in the environment. The increased moisture and warm temperatures provide an ideal environment for pests to build more shelter and nests. In the summer, the days are longer, which gives insects more feeding time; hence you will see them more. The long days in combination with abundance in food are the perfect excuse for pests to have an increased presence in your home.

In conclusion, the summer season is not only ideal for humans but pests as well. Therefore, you need to have effective pest management measures in place before the start of the season. There are various pest control companies in your area, which you can consult for the service. We are one such company, and we will be delighted to offer our services to you for pest management and control. Contact us for an assessment and quotation on the same.