While some people can just put on a pair of running shoes, start jogging and hope for the best we’re in an age where technology can drastically improve our performance and routine. 2020 comes with new technologies to improve your fitness whether you’re looking for a smartwatch, a balancing vest or something else, here’s 5 pieces to change your workout.

Freetrain V1 Vest

Many runners complain or aren’t happy about their current garments and where they can store essentials during a run, the V1 Vest covers that. Offering complete balance to your weight distribution you can store all your essentials in the front pocket of the exo-vest. You’ll be able to check progress, answer a call or change a song without stopping or faffing. The premium looking product only costs £19.99 too, which is likely the same price as a good armband for your phone.

Material Tech

The garments themselves you buy now also include technology to improve your workouts, mens gym t-shirts use moisture-wicking to remove sweat off the body, and leggings have been designed with panels to compress muscles to support them during long runs. Fitness clothing as a whole has completely changed over the past decade, there’s much more to read about when you buy your garments.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells 

For anyone with a home gym short on space, the Bowflex dumbbells are a perfect choice. Designs to reduce space usage without compromising your strength training, the SelectTech dumbbells use a dial that can add or remove weight for you. Its sleek size is what makes the dumbbells attractive, but you’ll find the luxury novelties and ease of use amazing too.

MyZone 3

This chest strap is for anyone looking for better heart rate data than a smartwatch can offer. MyZone 3 gives you a competitive edge that your smartwatch can’t offer, so you can run or swim (down to 10m) with complete accuracy and improve your stats by connecting it through to your phone or watch.

Smart Scales 

You can now buy scales to weigh yourself but with a twist on the conventional. Withings Body is a brand that has created scales that connected to your phone for optimal stats and analyses your body metrics. The app will also offer suggestions and help you plan out your day.