Most businesses exist because someone came up with a great idea for a product or service. No matter how revolutionary, useful or exciting this product is, it cannot promote and sell itself. This task often falls to the publicity and marketing department.

Generally, it’s not sufficient to choose one promotional method if you want to achieve success. After all, why would you limit yourself to print advertising when you could also establish your company on the Internet, be heard on the radio and post billboards all over town? The more ways you can effectively get the word out about your products, the more likely you are to sell a large amount of them.

Choosing on-line marketing, television advertising and other methods can lead to a successful product campaign. However, too many companies overlook the power that promotional products have when it comes to influencing current and future customers. Imagine being able to put something into a customer’s hand that makes them immediately think of you whenever they use it. That item, whether it’s a key ring or a water bottle, keeps your company’s name and products at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. The next time they need the product or service that you specialize in, it will be your name that’s on the tip of their tongue.

Promotional Products Drive Consumer Interest

Think of a promotional product as just another effective marketing channel that you can open up between you and your customers. Your promotional products may be enhanced if you add a short, catchy slogan to them. Consider, for instance, Nike’s famous “Just Do It” slogan. This ubiquitous line has been in constant use since the 1980s. Why does it work? Because it’s short, easy to remember and clearly speaks to the brand’s identity. It also speaks to consumers by encouraging them to get fit and active without making any room for excuses. “Just Do It” shows up on t-shirts that are sold by Nike and countless promotional products that the company gives away. Those three little words helped the company overcome their rivals and become one of the top athletic brands in the world.

Another great way to get the word out about a company is by coming up with a promotional product that everyone wants. Various research shows that the most popular promotional products were USB drives, pens, electrical item or a mug.

Consider the case of a company that was taking part in a major convention in Las Vegas. These events are enormous, and attendees are forced to walk several miles every day. To alleviate foot pain, this company started handing out slippers. Before long, their booth was being sought out by thousands of attendees with sore feet. That company made some very important contacts at the convention.

A different company mailed post cards to customers and prospective customers two weeks before a big sale. A jigsaw puzzle piece was attached to each card. Recipients were invited to come to the store to try their puzzle piece and discover what they had won. Talk about a great way to drive foot traffic into a location in the midst of a major promotional push!

Colgate Palmolive was responsible for a particularly clever promotional campaign in Thailand a few years ago. The company gave away ice cream treats and cotton candy for Oral Health Month. Each sweet treat was supported by a wooden stick. As people enjoyed their treat, the stick was revealed to be shaped like a toothbrush, providing a timely reminder about oral health. Sometimes, juxtapositions like these are valuable marketing tools.

When promoting a company or product, it’s essential to use a healthy mix of marketing strategies. Promotional products can be an indispensable part of the campaign.