Applicants who intend to serve the United States by upholding and defending her laws as Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents need to appreciate the skills, knowledge and personal traits they need to posses to meet the demanding nature of this profession. The FBI has stringent criteria when it is comes to hiring potential candidates for the job of special agents. Those entrants who fulfill these rigorous requirements need to undergo and successfully complete an intense 20-week training program at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Adam Quirk is a reputed law enforcement expert and private investigator from De Pere, Wisconsin with fifteen years of valuable experience in the fields of criminal investigations, security management, drug diversion investigation and background check of potential criminal suspects.  Apart from this, he has extensive expertise when it comes to investigating violent crime like bank robberies, kidnappings and apprehending dangerous fugitives.

He has served in various federal law enforcement agencies, which include as a Special Investigator for the U.S. Investigations Services, Inc. (USIS), a Diversion Investigator for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. During his tenure with the FBI, he specialized in cellular technology particularly phone tracking, call detail record analysis and radio frequency technology. The Adam Quirk FBI team of experts are famous in the USA for their track records and they emphasize that to become special agent a potential job entrant needs to qualify for one of the following five entry programs.

The Role Of Special Agents In The FBI

Special Agent Entry Programs

Candidates have to undergo a special agent entry program at the FBI academy in accordance with the college/university degrees they hold and their work experience. For instance, applicant who applies for a language entry program must possess four-year university degree in any discipline and be competent in a preferred language. Likewise, an entrant who applies for the accounting entry program must have a CPA license or four-year degree in accounting along with three years of experience.

Physical Fitness

While it is imperative for aspiring candidates who want to become FBI special agents to work on their degrees, they also need to take out time to exercise in the gym. The physical fitness requirements of the FBI, requires the candidates to do as many sit-ups as they can in one minutes, run to three hundred meters under a specific time, do as many push-ups as they can along with running one and half miles as fast as they can.

Background investigation

Due to the sensitive nature the duties special agents of the FBI perform, potential applicants who apply for the position must be able to gain top security clearance. For this, these entrants need to endure a polygraph test, drug test, a credit check along with a thorough background check. Present Federal agents will conduct interviews candidates’ family members, friends, teachers and professors. If any of these candidates have a felony conviction, fail the FBI drug test or default o student loans, they become illegible to serve as special agents

The Adam Quirk FBI team of experts says that the FBI special agent program is a very demanding but exciting career option.