The moment you think about proper lighting in a residence or in a commercial building you do it depending on your comfort. Light is a very important part in your daily life and it can affect the mood, rhythm and productivity of a particular area.

So picking up the right kind of lights for a building is very important and essential. One can go for commercial LED lightings for their buildings and office premises but before that one should have a fair idea of the different types of commercial lightings available these days.

Put The Right Lights In The Right Place

Recessed Lighting

This is a very soft and attractive kind of lighting which can produce a gentle light in comparison to track lightings. This is a modern fixture and is a very common source of lighting in both office and residential buildings. These lights have a lot of benefits as well. The recessed light fixtures take up virtually no space on the ceiling and so when they are installed, they look very tidy and clean. These lights are both bright and diffused. The recessed lights are very lightweight and so it can be easily installed in any room without checking whether there is a stud or not.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a very popular form of lighting in both commercial and residential areas. There are many reasons behind installing track lightings. They are a great source of direct and focused lights and so it is perfect to display any kind of artwork. These bulbs are designed to swivel and so one can change the direction of the bulb according to their needs. The track lightings have relatively lower cost and it is easier to install.

Overhead Lighting

There are varieties available depending on the functionality and appearance. The fixtures can be flush, semi-flush or the pendant style. Each type of lighting fixtures has their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for commercial building lighting options then one can go for energy efficient LED lights or the fluorescent bulbs. But in case of residence, one can go for the softer bulbs that have a relaxing atmosphere.

Task Lighting

These lights are very important for kitchens and laboratories. These lights provide some direct and bright lights and one can also install them over the desks and counter tops.

Importance of Varied Lighting Options

The builders and the architects know how to vary the lighting options in a commercial building. The business owners and the home owners may both need recessed lightings and some over head light fixtures. Every place should have the right type of light and the quality of light that is needed. As the designer (if only you have hired one) considers where to put each type of light fixture, it is important to consider the activities that will take place in each room and the location of each activity.

The residential led lighting fixtures can also be decided by the experts or the designers as they know what to put up and where.