Roposo is a social media site whose sole focus is on fashion and beauty. By now, it has found its niche audience – women from different backgrounds united by one common interest – fashion. This platform gives you a different perspective on fashion and helps you to mould your fashion sense. Here, you not only have the opportunity to help other women groom themselves in a better manner but also get influenced by them and learn a thing or two about style, yourself.

Glamorous Heroines and Fashion

Once you start following style divas like Katrina Kaif, BipashaBasu, YamiGautam, among others you will get to know straight from the horse’s mouth about the latest trends in clothing and makeup. When it comes to style, celebrities have always had a huge impact on the common woman. On Roposo, you will have direct access to their fashion stories, interviews and tips on how to enhance your looks and turn heads.

Easily Accessible and Zero Cost

Roposo is a storehouse of fashion related knowledge, which you can access anytime you want. The registration charges are nil and you only need a couple of minutes to be registered and have all those pictures, and stories in front of you. If you are the type to forget things easily, worry not, because Roposo has the option called Save to List, which when clicked will automatically save all the information and images.

Big Fat Indian Weddings

Roposo’s users are not only fashion enthusiasts and Bollywood heroines. It also has numerous wedding planners and wedding photographers who offer you their take on clothes and makeup. Simple do-it-yourself tricks provided by them can give you that glow and shine on your D-day. Also, once you learn the tricks of the trade from these experts, you no longer have to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding.

Hairstyles to Die For

Roposo is not just limited to clothes and shoes. Browse through it and soon you will come across hairstylists and other women recommending you short hairstyles for round faces. If there is a particular look, you have been itching to try but cannot muster up the courage – shaved head or an entirely different hair colour, then you can always consult them individually. Start by following them and then comment and the rest will follow.

Makeup – Make it or Break it

Makeup plays a big part in our lives. From hiding those dark circles under our eyes to getting those sensuous smoky eyes, makeup can do it all. But, there is a catch. Makeup is an art, which not everyone can master, that easily. If you want to enhance your looks or help other women showcase their hidden beauty, then Roposo is where you should be. You will get to know the A to Z of makeup on this site and in turn, you can teach others your makeup hacks. It is a complete win-win situation.

Sharing is Caring

It does not matter whether you, yourself are narrating stories about your fashion growth or getting inspired by someone else’s fashions sense. As a fashion diva, it is your duty to share all that knowledge with other fashionistas. Roposo has the necessary feature to connect you with other platforms like Titter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google plus so that you can share your stories and influences with a wider audience.

Websites, Brands and Discounts

Big shot websites like Flipkart and Amazon have collaborated with Roposo, which means that this site will notify you about latest discounts and other attractive deals offered by either of them, through their newsletters. You also get to avail discounts from other makeup and clothing brands who have partnered with Roposo. The best part is that there is no need for you to go to each site individually and spend hours scanning each of the product. Just use the hashtag feature and get your favourite piece of clothing and makeup items at one go.

Sense of Community

In India, Roposo is the first of its kind – it has managed to break the myth that fashion is only for the rich and elite. If you know the hacks and tricks, then getting the perfect look and wearing your those clothes would be a cakewalk. Also, through Roposo women fROm different walks of life can bond and be a part of the fashion community where adorning yourself is neither looked down upon and neither seen as something which only women with less intelligence do.

You might be a fashion hobbyist who wants to pursue fashion professionally in the future or a simple fashion diva who lives and breathes fashion. Whatever it may be, Roposo has something to offer to each and every woman out there who thinks that looking good and presentable is worth every penny.