Damp proofing is the terminology that is used to describe the methods and the treatment techniques used to prevent damp from being absorbed through the walls or floors into the interior of a property. This is a protective process, which ensures that the moisture does not enter through the walls of a building to the interior portions.

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The process involved in damp proofing involves placing a barrier in the walls, which can prevent the rising damp to spread further.  Regular penetrating damp problems are much prevalent in the homes. Using the specialist services of damp proofing companies can not only help eliminate the damp problems but also diminishes the possibilities of future damp-related problems including wet rot, dry rot, and mould.

Nowadays it has become quite essential to implement an effective damp proofing, which can act as a long term preventative barrier against decay caused due to the excess moisture which can weaken as well as damage the structure of a building.

It is important to be aware that rising damp is harmful, unpleasant and can be the foremost reason of timber decay and heat loss. It is accompanied by hygroscopic ground salts such as nitrates and chlorides, which can absorb moisture from the atmosphere, thus leading to damp in walls especially during the high relative humidity conditions.

More damage is caused thereafter owing to the cyclical nature of the crystallisation and rewetting of these salts, which can break down the internal plaster as well as badly damage the interior.

The damp proofing companies utilise the damp proof membrane, which is a sheet of material placed underneath the concrete floor of a property to avoid any groundwater seeping upwards through the concrete base.  They also make use of the damp proof course, which is a preventative barrier in the form of a plastic membrane built into the walls of a property, which can act as a means to prevent the damp rising through the walls.

The damp proofing companies also apply a remedial concentrated thixotropic silane/siloxane ‘cream’ in the form of a barrier. As the cream diffuses into the all, it releases silane vapours, which react with the silica in the masonry to create a water repellent resin.

Using the damp proof course of a damp proofing company involves some significant benefits.  It is less hazardous, solvent free as well as non-caustic. It is highly safe as it is non-flammable and almost odourless. The damp proofing courses offered by the companies are suitable for the all types of walls with any thickness. It can be recommended for both stone and brick and can be used internally and externally. The damp proof courses utilised by the damp proofing companies are efficient and environmentally safe. Being the specialists, they use the technology and remedies that are unparalleled. The specialist staffs have thorough knowledge on dealing with the extensive damage and suggest the quickest and easiest way to cure the damp problems.  Some damp proofing companies offer treatment products that come with the guarantee of up to 30 years.