Forklifts are dangerous equipment on a site. Often times, many workers acquire injuries involved in operating these equipment. Whether you rent or own one, safety should always be prioritized when operating a forklift.

Having sufficient safety measures will limit accidents and injuries that your company would need to shoulder. It will also improve the efficiency and productivity of workers in the site.

Tips in Operating a Forklift Safely

It is important to always have safety measures and protocol when operating a forklift. Make sure that the following are complied with to keep the operators and by-passers safe.

Have qualified operators.

Qualified operators decrease the chances of human errors in your site. Aside from that, it is less likely that qualified operators would ruin your forklift. Always check the qualification of your operators. Or if you are an operator yourself, be truly qualified and knowledgeable. You may opt to hire a more qualified operator if you feel that you are not.

Wear the proper attire.

The proper attire is a must in operating a forklift. Objects may fall or hurt the operator and could lead to the forklift crashing on objects or people in cases when the operator is out or in pain. Helmets and closed or safety shoes are a must. You should also avoid operating the forklift with greasy hands as you may not be able to control it well.

Wear seat belts.

Seat belts are also important for forklift operation. As we have mentioned, harm may come to the operator during while driving a forklift. Having a seat belt worn can minimize the chances of operator being thrown off the forklift or other injuries and accidents.

Have good communication with the site manager.

Knowing when you should turn on the forklift is very important. Communicating with the other members of the team helps in making everyone be more cautious and aware of the possible accidents when a forklift is being operated on the site.

Aside from that, instructions from your site manager or other qualified persons helps determine which items require extra precaution when carried by the forklift.

Examine the forklift before use.

Always check the forklift before using it. You should note if there are missing or loose parts that can affect performance. You should also know the maximum capacity of the forklift and be sure not to go over it.

Inspect the environment.

Always inspect the environment before using the forklift. Take note of ramps and be cautious when driving on them. Also check the ground where you will drive if it is stable. You may also look for possible hazards when you are moving equipment using the forklift.

Park the forklift properly.

Park the forklift properly in the designated area. Put the forks down and properly turn off the engine. Not doing this may overheat the engine and lead to machinery malfunction. Do not leave the forklift unattended.

Forklifts are complicated kinds of equipment. It is always best to fully know how to operate them and take safety measures when operating them. For quality and affordable forklift for rent, contact your reliable equipment rental company today.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.