Architects are basically responsible for designing various buildings that are functional, sustainable, and safe. Besides their specialist construction knowledge and functional skills, they should be also associated with the whole construction process as well as they should evolve their plans around the different ranges of budget constraints, consider various environmental factors and client requirements. They also have to communicate with contractors, vendors, ground teams, service engineers, and much more people. In a nutshell, their verbal and written communication skills should be outstanding and extraordinary for ensuring that the project should be smoothly executed.

The aptitude test architecture is a Standardized Aptitude Test that is specially designed to assess the knowledge of technical, verbal and quantitative aptitude (as per the Industry Standards). Some websites are providing the opportunity of taking as well as benchmark these tests for the specific job roles with the vast array of the hiring of the clients for the specific job role. The particular assessment test measures the communication skills as well as their problem-solving skills along with a section that will be the quantitative aptitude as well. Sometimes, the test can be taken remotely (as per the company rules) in the comfort zones of the candidates.

Key Profiles for which the test is useful for:

  • Technical Architect
  • Senior/Lead Architect
  • Interior Designer/Architect

The particular test is associated with three major sections, such as Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Verbal Ability aptitude test is very important in order to test the job-aspirants basic and fundamental knowledge of English Grammar as well as their ability to handle written texts, words, and sentences for a good conversation skill in the business environment.

The recruiters of various industries use this specific section of the aptitude test for hiring freshers who are associated with 0-1 year of experience. It helps a lot in order to assess the job aspirant’s skills and knowledge in the following concepts:

  • Grammar: It is associated with the candidates’ sentence structuring skills without doing any type of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Comprehension: The particular section helps to test the job-aspirants’ processing and understanding the meaning of written and verbal information.
  • Vocabulary: It helps to assess the candidates’ capability in order to use the appropriate word/words for matching context and the expression of their thoughts.

Logical reasoning assessment test is also considered as critical reasoning test that are very helpful for testing the aspirant’s ability at skills, as well as how likely they interpret number sequences or patterns and relationships between shapes.

Quantitative Aptitude assessment test helps to test the job-aspirants’ capability to perform the basic and fundamental arithmetic operations and perform estimates. The team of recruiters can also assess their concentration power through this specific assessment test. It is developed to assess how well a candidate is able to perform the questions on the concept of numerical analysis. The specific assessment test is featured with question items for testing the candidates’ problem-solving approach.

All the candidates are provided with the same set of questions (but, can be associated with different ordering). The Architect Aptitude test is very useful for hiring the best Architects.