USA is a dream for all shoppers! This is a country of fantastic conditions for shopping: thousands of the shopping centers and millions of goods are sold for attractive price.


Before you start enjoying the figures on the label, keep in your memory that all prices in the USA are appointed without taxes. So, it can happen that the price will be 5 or 10% higher, depending on what state you are. You can pay with cash or plastic cards in the most of shops. If you do not like the clothes you’ve just bought, you can easily send it back to the shop. What are the terms? The terms when you can send back the goods usually depend on the shop. As a rule, all shops compete with one another, offering the most favorable terms.

Walmart Broadens Product Assortment and Reintroduces Items with "It's Back!" Tags

Places to Buy

If you are limited in time, but you have grandiose plans to buy everything and even more, you are recommended to visit such shopping capitals on the West of the country as Los Angeles and San Francisco, on the South – Miami, center – Chicago and on the East of the country as New York, Orlando. By the way, Orlando is especially unique shopping city. You are fond of exciting attractions during the day (Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World) and hurry up for shopping after 5 p.m. You can hire a car in Orlando and go to the International Drive, where the best shops are placed.

More often than not, you will meet Wal-Mart Stores, trading with different goods and products from a big trade chain; you can also see the goods from Costco in every American city. If you want to buy shoes and clothes, go to Masy’s. Looking for the high quality electronics, welcome to the Best Buy Co. What about buying products? You should go to the supermarkets Kroger, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and 7-Eleven.

Kinds of Shops

It is very easy to be lost in the names of the American trade points. So, it is time to find out what kind of shop you need. That is why, try to learn these words:

Shop – typical small trade point.

Store – big shop with different goods.

If you want to buy something specific, you are interested in Mom & pop store. This private shop is located in the business part of the city. The products that you buy there are produced in limited edition. You cannot find them somewhere else.

Department Store – big shop with different goods, bigger than store.

Cash & Carry – you can buy everything in this shop only for cash and wholesale low prices.

Finally, the biggest choice of goods is waiting for you in the Mall – giant trade center that usually takes the whole city district, where lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas are placed together. The Mall is traditionally situated in the city outskirts.


Sales and Sellouts in the USA Shops

The sales are met the year round, especially just before the holidays. The biggest sales are met in August-September and December-January. The biggest sales you can meet at the end of sales period, when the choice is not big at that. There are also the black days in the shops, where you can buy all goods in the limited edition.

The main event is called the Black Friday that is taken in November. The shops start working in the early morning and finish in the evening, offering the lowest prices. Be careful to participate in the most favorable shopping event: you can meet the long lines and really big sales. How about that cute dress? Are you ready to fight for it?

Black Friday at NYC

Biggest Sales

There are several types of shops in the USA. It is better to find the biggest sales here. The sales in so-called Closeout Stores are really hue. If you are fond of fashion and stylish clothes, you should visit the Discount Store – shop of the brand clothes. The most popular shop chain, where you can buy brand clothes is TJ Maxx. You can catch the sale of 30-50 %. Never forget about the social networks like Marshals, Ross, Gordmans, Burlington.

Outlet Mall is the biggest shop, where you can buy goods of the old collections for the lowest prices. Be careful, not all clothes are good quality. If you really want to find something cheap but original, go to the shop of Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, Daffy’s.

Online shopping

Saving Online Shopping

This is the website, where you can buy everything, including travelling tours, paintball games and other unexpected attractions for 80% sale. helps you to get additional sale if you buy online. is another website, which is close to the Groupon. com.

TJ Max and Marshals

The shops of TJ Max and Marshals make your shopping the most American. You can find them in all American cities. This is your chance to buy everything in one place. Do you want to buy clothes from the world popular producers? Come here! This is also a chance to buy jewelry, cosmetics, plates, underwear, sport goods and other things.


The footwear shops are situated in different states of the USA. This is a good chance to buy any brand shoes you like, no matter summer or winter shoes. For example, you can buy the beautiful designed shoes from the Italian Mercanto Florentiny for 60$.

Duty Free Shops

Dutty Free in the New York airport and other big American cities offers the best choice of goods and prices for alcohol and perfumery.


This is the best shop to buy technic and household equipment in the USA.

Amazon and Ebay

The most popular i-shops that are worth trying to buy all you want, especially in the USA.

Shopping process in the USA is the best and the most enjoyable shopping in the world. This is a good opportunity for everyone to buy all