Colours affect our everyday life and have both positive and negative effects on it. Some colours are able to lift our spirits while others are neutral and non-inspiring. Having your office transformed and painted into proper colours can have a huge impact on your performance, as well as motivate both your personnel and yourself. This article will teach you how to transform your office into a friendly environment full of inspiration, simply by adding or painting your walls with proper colours. Here is how it should be done.

Change the colours of your life

Starting with your home and leading to your office, change the neutral colours which can get you down and ruin your day. Get rid of that beige and grey ones, and instead paint the wall with vibrant splashes of colours. If your day starts with great, what follows will only be better.

Smart Use Of Colours For A Truly Positive Workplace

Red means friendliness

There are many researches which state that red colour draws attention and makes people friendlier. There is an entire psychology behind the red colour, but most importantly people will be inspired to mingle and behave more socially. Softer hues is especially good for busy places, while the ochre one is better for sitting places, such as coffee room or a library.

Pink is encouraging and modern

An uninhibited hot pink is the colour that matches your white contrast and surroundings. It is best combined with places that need that one thing to make it look and feel perfect. But do not go too pink, or else you will fall into a Barbie dream house instead of a productive office. Be able to make that difference, and paint just enough pink to make yourself feel encouraged.

Smart Use Of Colours For A Truly Positive Workplace

Flowery colours mean elegancy

If you want your office to look elegant and stimulate warm and interesting conversations, use a combination of dusky pink and dark rose, or paint the ceilings in blue vinyl, with marks of steamed milk hue. It will resemble the typical renaissance period where everything was a piece of art.

Apricot is the new black

The new uprising colour that is assumed to become the new black is none other than the apricot hue. It is super sweet, yet not cloying. Being a shade of orange, it is inspiring and stimulating, yet not intense like red or orange. It is balanced and grounding, rather than energetic and empowering, tell us experienced Sydney-based painters.  So if you want that perfect balanced office where every mood is just the way you want it to be, consider painting the walls in apricot hue.

Smart Use Of Colours For A Truly Positive Workplace

Bright yellow brings you back to life

There is something about that yellow; it is the colour of life, which draws us and fills us with energy. Not only does it represent the sun, but it is full of joy and happiness, so it is no wonder people started using it in data design. It is best suited in rooms where people gather and spend some relaxing time. It is also great for your office kitchen and dining room. But, one bad thing of intense yellow is its ability to cause anxiety, so if you are among those prone to it, avoid putting any of the intense iterations of yellow.

Colours do matter, and knowing how to paint a room in certain colour can increase the performance at work, lift people’s spirits and inspire them to work harder and achieve better results. Do your research, for some colours can have a negative effect on both people’s current state of mind and their performance at work.