Children room renovation is very important as it will be a place for them to study, play and rest, so the style of child room should be simple.

Mistake one, lots of soft stuffs to avoid bumps.

Many parents like to use soft stuff and wallpaper to avoid Kepeng to children, and hope to build a safe place for them. But the children room and their carrying capacity for pollutant are very small , some ingredients like lumber core and paint releases toxic gas which will be harmful to child’s health.

Children room renovation should be simple, unity on selecting natural and soft materials, like carpet, log, wall cloth or plastic, which to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Mistake two, style is being pursued far too much.

Some parents like to classify the children room according to the colours, they usually pick pink, yellow and light purple for girls , and blue or green colours for boys. Actually, their favorite color may be not fixed, if your children are small as they not have independent viewpoint for color, imposed room color on them might not be a good idea, even cause psychological impact on them.  Perhaps you can try to install a plantation shutters to make their room gain more sunshine, one of my favour store is plantation shutters Sydney, they provide lots of very good windows products like blinds Sydney.

So children room should pick some light and bright colors in the first time, especially for the wall, not choose too bright or dark color. Also color scheme is important for children’s personality development, the cool tone is good for those rough and active boys to help them be quiet, and light yellow is good for quiet girls.