Google Pixel 2 would be releasing in the month of September or October this year however it is not yet officially announced but still there exists almost all the specifications, and out of which camera is going to be very special.

The recent Google Pixel shadow would be reflected in the Pixel 2 for sure, Pixel profile offered many new features, for example there is a possibility to set two personalized ringtones. When focusing, and even when the autofocus is very fast, we can do it manually with a lateral scale. It is best that there also have to Macro setting, which prevents the approach move and we complicate or cause a failure in a short shot. The fixing of the macro is something that mobile manufacturers should popularize. The improvements brought manual focus are undeniable, however standard camera comes in handy set to always maintain a good depth of field, so only the top of the scale or at the bottom of approach we note apparent differences at distances of approach shots. Another point to when playing with the camera are vital ISO levels (auto, 100, 200, 400 and 800) for customized shooting but as always dangerous for grain and noise levels that can contribute. Lack the exposure compensation +/- 2 points always good to have on hand for any decision. To complete manual mode options have color effects (Soft Color, Animation, Vignette, Grayscale, Moody, Vintage and Tint), Tone (Standard, Sunny, Vivid, Nostalgic, Soft and Sereno), White Balance (Fluorescent, Incandescent, Cloudy, Daylight and Auto). Maybe extended number of features would be packed in the Pixel 2.

The video stabilizer is much discussed by many brands and certainly has a great acceptance and value when using video in Pixel. We have not gone out on a limb and have simply taken advantage of a ride on a bus to put the equipment resting on the edge of a seat with the aim of housing directly mobile suffer each and every bus disturbances were constant. In Addition, the features of camera in Pixel works like charm and same level of performance would be delivered by the Google Pixel 2.

The taste that leaves us Pixel camera is very good and Google has done its job perfectly in the recent smartphones, but now level would definitely increase and under the competition Google has to repeat some charm with the Pixel 2 camera, however at the moment nothing is confirmed. Already, the Pixel camera, for most users than a camera is the ideal solution to capture all those moments, not to mention the rapid activation button that has captivated us. The automatic macro is amazing and proof of extreme backlight (focusing in direct sunlight) has exceeded the margin fairly given that the day was very, very sunny. The depth of field values ​​automatically manages seems that luxury and color rendition is on the same path.