The fast-paced developments in technology may seem daunting to the elderly. At this day and age, interactions with technology are not only inevitable but can prove to be beneficial for the elderly too. Skills vary from navigating a mouse to learning how to manipulate a tablet, to surfing the internet. Learning all these can all be beneficial to the elderly.

Moreover, technology can give seniors more creative, social and mental activities. They can also have a healthier social life through social media. Learning about different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers and how to use and manipulate them can be easy by learning the basic elements.

How to Introduce Technology to the Elderly

  1. Be a patient teacher.

Remember that some of the elderly may be encountering these gadgets for the first time. Be patient and explain parts of the gadgets carefully. Use simple and understandable terms so they can more easily understand.

Explain the instructions step-by-step and make sure that they follow you. Explain the common terms that they may encounter like text message, download, email, streaming, etc. Encourage them to ask questions.

  1. Provide tutorial classes.

Introductory and specialized classes for the elderly can help address their needs when it comes to learning new technology. Special classes teach seniors how to use a smartphone, tutorials on how to surf the Internet and tutorials on the different programs which can be useful to them are beneficial for their well-being.

  1. Teach them how to use social media for their benefit.

The social media is a good outlet for seniors. It gives them a chance to connect with family and friends. It helps them keep and maintain healthy social interaction with other people. Through sharing photos, recounting memories, discussions and communication, the elderly can have a better sense of well-being.

  1. Show them instructional videos.

Videos are good instructional tools because seniors can play them repeatedly until they understand them completely.

  1. Download apps especially designed to teach technology to seniors.

Created to be easy to use and understandable, these apps can help speed up the learning process for the elderly.

Remember that seniors need time and patience for them to learn new technology. Be simple in your instructions and give them time to perform and repeat tasks so they can master these new skills.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO