Growing populations are putting a strain on NHS resources to provide healthcare solutions within fixed timeframes. As such, many are considering the benefits of private health insurance.

NHS patients are currently treated within an 18-week timeframe, meaning many individuals will be waiting for a considerable time before even being seen by an NHS consultant. Conversely, Private Health Insurance in the UK allows you to see a consultant within a two-week timeframe, therefore considerably reducing waiting times.

The Benefits Of Private Health Insurance In The UK

Private Health Insurance Benefits

Private Health Insurance, whether available with your job or paid for by yourself has the following benefits:

  • Better choice of hospital and surgeon.
  • Quicker access to scans and physiotherapy
  • A second opinion from an expert and then the ability to revert back to the NHS
  • You get a private room.
  • Waiting time for treatment is shorter
  • You are covered for drugs and treatment which is not available on the NHS
  • Specialist surgery for sports related injuries

Private patients have access to the country’s leading health specialists and have the choice of level of care, facilities needed and freedom to choose where and when you have your treatment.

Waiting List

There are no waiting lists to see the doctor with private health insurance. With NHS waiting lists soaring for cancer treatments, life-threatening illnesses and even general care procedures, private health insurance in the UK gives you the care you need as soon as you need it. You will see the consultant of your choice and have continuity of care with the same consultant right through your treatment. Private health insurance gives you a more personalised and user friendly experience which the NHS cannot offer with its waiting times and queues. In addition, for none urgent procedures, you can choose the date and time of your treatment to suit your own requirements, therefore for acute illnesses that can be cured quickly, stress is reduced.

Improved Outcome

Frequently, the NHS does not have access to certain expensive drugs and treatments, as they are too costly to be deemed feasible by NICE or because you live in an area that does not provide them. However, in some cases these may well be available to you as a private patient. As an example, cosmetic and certain bariatric surgeries are not available on the NHS but are offered to private patients. For sports related injuries and physiotherapy, there are specialist consultants with expertise and access to equipment for speedy diagnosis and treatment.

Additionally, you get the luxury of your own private room, most likely with a television, en-suite facilities and less limited access to your visiting family. The food is better too! Finally, private health insurance is available for the whole family, therefore if a child is ill, rooms are available for parents to stay over so they are there to comfort the child.

In Brief

The considerable benefits of private health insurance far outweigh the costs – with reduced waiting times, increased availability of drugs and better standards of care, there is no reason not to take out that policy.