Known for bright hues and on-trend color schemes, Emma Bridgewater pottery is sure to brighten any table. There is something for every occasion, from an informal brunch to a dinner party with friends but which pieces are the best?


Why Does Emma Bridgewater Pottery Stand Out?


Founded in 1985, as a ceramic manufacturer, the company has gone from strength to strength. No one can fail to recognize an Emma Bridgewater piece simply because it has such a unique style.


As well as bright colors and patterning, they use a special technique to create their final products – involving the use of motifs on pottery – a skill that dates back some 200 years.


As well as skill, it is the original polka dot design that Emma Bridgewater is noted for but there are other patterns that are just as beautiful, bright and elegant.


With the early spring collection just released, making the choice on which Emma Bridgewater piece to have on your table just got even harder.


The Polka Dot


The staple design of her collection – and certainly one of the most popular – is the original design, the Polka Dot design. Fun and bright, there is a simplicity in these mugs, plates, and bowls that make them perfect for everyday use at the table and in the kitchen.


When something isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing and thus, the original design hasn’t changed. Even with new collections being developed by the Emma Bridgewater pottery company, the Polka Dot is fantastic, whatever the season.


The Spring Collection


With a strong connection to nature – Emma Bridgewater herself is the patron of Rural England – it’s no surprise to see yet more sweet flowers in her latest collection.


Simple and fun, there is again an understatement to the Daisy Collection that makes it the perfect addition to any home, no matter what your style. Choose from a beautiful green or powder blue background with pretty nodding heads of the white daisy with yellow button center, a pattern that you’ll find on smaller mugs, side plates and more.


Daisies are not the first foray into nature for Emma Bridgewater. The WallFlower Collection of pieces are delightful. Never one to shy away from color, the design uses a small palette of colors and hues so that a garish effect is avoided.


Lilac, purple, yellow and a strong poppy red used sparingly in the shapes of pretty wallflowers bring color and beauty to the dining table.


If you want something even more delicate, the Pink Pansies Collection is exactly what you want. Clusters of baby pink pansies adorn the pieces in this collection. In the current spring collection, the red and purple anemone design is similar and brings yet more elegance to the dining table or coffee table. A beautiful collection, perfect for al fresco summer dining.


Something Different – Tumbling Blocks from Emma Bridgewater


When designers shake things up, it brings a gentle breeze of change wafting through their work. Refreshing and reinvigorating in equal measure, stepping outside of the flower designs brings a whole new slant to Emma Bridgewater pottery.


This spring, the red and blue Tumbling Block collection is causing waves. Geometric in style and pattern, the red and blue shading is delightful – not too bright to be garish and not too pastel to be lost – with the beautifully shaped cups, side plates, teapot and bowls on offer.


Creating this pattern design is a departure for the designer but it has been done before, with the Blue Stars Collection, a simple yet iconic pattern that is instantly recognizable as one of Emma Bridgewater’s.


With a wider collection of designs, which is your favorite Emma Bridgewater piece?