If you have grabbed a lot of attention from your fans, but you don’t know how to engage with them, it can be hard to keep going on with your internet marketing.

Most of the Facebook page likers tend to come back to the same FB page to get more information about what they like. But not all people will do that. That, however, does not mean that posting useful content in your Facebook fan page is not useless. You can interact with other folks through the Facebook page with Facebook limitation.

You will want to optimize your Facebook post so that it will appear at the top of the news feeds and more people will read it. The Facebook news feed is the most strategic spot to gain the attention of your audiences. To maximize your Facebook post, you need to know how Facebook’s algorithm works.

The first factor to consider is the affinity of the post. How often you are interacting with the Facebook page. How often you post on your wall, comment to your readers, viewing the pages, and so on?

The next crucial thing is about the time of the post. The older posts are less likely to show in the news feed.

With the factors above, you will have a big picture of what will work on the Facebook page and what won’t work. You will have better chances when you maximize both of them.

Updating your status frequently can be one of the ways to improve your Affinity score. Try to post useful content and get a response from your followers. Question, polls, or other material which requires interaction can work well. Make sure to write such attractive sentence so that people will get curious with the whole content.

Only post in the productive time. The best way to post your content is by the morning when folks tend to read the news at their facebook. Different times may apply. You will want to convert their local time to yours so that you won’t be missing the opportunity.

You can also repost the viral content as long as it is related to your niche brand or business. Viral articles tend to attain a good response from other users. Don’t forget to write such stunning headline to intrigue more readers.

Folks love picture and video. You can also regularly post funny memes, photos, or funny videos to amuse them. Catch their attention by posting entertaining content. But on some occasions, you will also want to post useful videos for them. Make sure that folks get the benefits when they follow your Facebook Page.