UTV manufacturers have made leaps and bounds in improving the safety of their models over the last decade. ROPS approved cages, supportive and highly contained seats, automotive style seatbelts and lowered rollover statistics all help make UTVs much safer than they were in the Rhino vs Gator days. Most people acknowledge the importance of these types of safety items, but one that is often ignored and rarely included in a UTV’s options list at the dealership is mirrors. Quality mirrors are one of the most important Polaris RZR accessories that you can buy for your vehicle.

A quality rearview mirror and/or sideview mirrors are as important on a UTV in an off-road environment as they are in automobiles on the street. With the largely uncontrolled environments that most UTV owners operate in, staying out of each other’s way can be a tall order when you’re only way of seeing who is in your blind spots is to crane your head all the way around. The variety of mirrors available for UTVs today runs the gamut from high end panoramic billet framed mirrors to simple plastic framed bolt on mirrors that are just there to get the job done. The following are a few of the mirrors that we’ve used on our vehicles that have proved worth the investment.

Axia Alloys makes some of the most beautiful mirrors, iPod mounts, fire extinguisher holders and other billet aluminum parts for UTVs that you will find anywhere. They are so confident in the quality of their mirrors that they include a full lifetime warranty on the mirror panes, no matter how you break them! This 17″ billet panoramic rearview mirror offers a very wide, undistorted viewing angle of any UTV mirror on the market. This mirror is only curved in the horizontal direction to prevent distortion, and both a 1.5” short arm and 6” long arm version are available. You can use the 1.5” arms on the RZR, RZR4 and Polaris Ranger.

The Tusk sideview/rearview mirror is simple yet highly functional. This mirror can be used as a rearview mirror mounted to the front of your cage or as sideview mirrors mounted to the sides of the cage. For under $100, you can outfit your vehicle with all three for excellent visibility for the sides and the rear of your UTV! Check the diameter of your cage tunes to select the correct clamps, 2”, 1.75″, or 1.5″. The mirror’s strong and durable steel clamp and super tough housing resists damage, and the mirror’s shatterproof tempered glass increases safety. The mirrors also offer a wide range of adjustment with the ball socket joint. For these and dozens of other mirrors for your UTV, visit www.sbsparts.com.