Appliances were designed to help make your life easy while cooking food, cleaning utensils or washing clothes. The mid-1800 is the era when people started thinking of innovative ways to prepare food, store food and clean-up post eating. A lot of these innovations gained popularity, and a substantial number of people started using them. Some of these appliances are still in existence, but they have improved in design and functionality. Some

There are some appliances like Fans, Gas stove, Washing machine that stood the test of time and are used by millions even today.

The Gas Stove:

The Changes In Appliances Over Last 10 Years

The gas stove came into existence in the 19th century and changed the functioning of a kitchen. A kitchen is undoubtedly incomplete without a gas stove. After the invention, only a few people owned a gas stove, and it took some time for others to catch up with the idea. After a few years of its existence, gas stoves were challenged by a more superior and convenient choice: electric stove. The electric stoves don’t use flame like a gas stove but a convention to cook or heat food. In the year 1912, The Copeman Electric Stove Company was given the first patent for an electric stove, and they continued perfecting their technology. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an electric or a gas stove, many people can’t cook without either one of them. The stove that people use is a matter of personal choice since both are safe and perform the same function.

The Refrigerator:

The Changes In Appliances Over Last 10 Years

While the concept of cooling food items dates back to the ancient Roman era, the invention of the modern refrigerator was licensed in the year 1914. There were a lot of technological changes made with the refrigerator before it was mass-produced for people to use. Before this invention, people used ice boxes (boxes filled with ice) to keep their food cold. However, it couldn’t secure the freshness of the food items enough and wasn’t a safe option. When the modern electric refrigerator came into existence, it was more than just an appliance; it was an invention that saved lives. In the year 1952, the inventors created the refrigerator wherein ice was produced automatically. After a few years, the magnetic strip was invented which helped keep the door shut firmly. The early units of refrigerator positioned the cooling device on the top whereas now the modernised version has sleek, multi-door option where the cooling unit is present at the bottom.

The Dishwasher:

The Changes In Appliances Over Last 10 Years

A dishwasher is a must-have appliance for many people. While some consider it a luxury rather than an indispensable appliance, it has become a popular appliance in the urban household. The first appliance that looked like a dishwasher was patented in 1800 by Joel Houghton. After a few years, the idea came into the limelight when Josephine Cochran displayed her dishwasher invention at the Chicago World Fair. She invented it after claiming that her servants chipped off her fine China and she didn’t want to wash the dishes herself. The dishwasher was invented some 160 years ago, and at that time, it wasn’t as efficient as the appliance that we use today. Due to the innovation, dishwashers now feature an array of customisations namely; better rotating sprayers, racks and trays that can be removed and adjusted according to the sizes and shapes of the dishes, pre-soak cycles, and so on. This simple invention now holds unique importance in every household and is an appliance that many can’t do without

The Microwave:

The Changes In Appliances Over Last 10 Years

Lastly, a microwave oven is an innovative and widely used kitchen appliance that is found in many households. The ability to cook food faster without any manual help is the main reason why a lot of people are inclined towards buying one. The first microwave oven was patented in the year 1940, but the saleable appliance was not created until 1947. It was called the Radarange which was six feet tall and weighed over 800 pounds. It was later in the year 1967 when a countertop sized oven was made available to the masses. As soon as the compact size was made available, the quantity sold of microwaves in store proliferated. Nowadays, the microwave oven has become a necessary appliance for any household, and there is even an exclusive line of food available to make in them.

Though it took years for many appliances to give the perfect solutions, people now anticipate inventions that will make their life hassle-free. With inventive minds and people’s acceptance, the future of appliances is bright.