For eCommerce sites that are just getting started, separating your website from the competition is vital to pulling in new business. The good news is that most customers will not be able to tell your brand new site from an older, more established website, but you still need to turn them from visitors to customers. One straightforward method is writing product descriptions that really stand out.

Five Methods to Writing the Best Product Descriptions

By following this plan, you can write simple, attractive product descriptions that do more than just describe what you are selling. It will help sell the product itself and broaden your customer base.

Write with Your Target Audience in Mind

Remember, by trying to appeal to everyone you will only succeed in reaching no one. So, write your product description with the ideal buyer in mind. This means understanding what they are looking for in your product, what words to use, and what questions they might have about what you are offering. By using the language and information of the ideal buyer, your product descriptions will resonate effectively.

Avoid Obvious Selling Phrases

Your customers are knowledgeable and have seen phrased like “excellent quality” or the “highest standards” before. So, don’t be like everyone else and instead focus on the attributes of what you are selling. For example, if your product is shoes, focus on the technical details that make the shoes stand out. Do not slip into tired clichés of “highest quality materials” and the like.

Back Up Claims

Of course, you will want to convey that your products are superior, but you need to do so with actual facts that impress the reader. Amazon has an excellent product description system that makes the claim of being the “best” and then uses the exact attributes of the product to back it up. That pulls in the reader even more and helps make them a customer.

Highlight Benefits

While it may sound reasonable that customers purchase products based on logical information, the truth is that emotions play a very strong role. You will need to highlight the benefits of your product to the customer so that they feel the need to buy it. By writing towards the emotion and not just the logical use of what you are offering, you are creating the impulse for the customer to purchase the product itself.

Use Sensory Words

One insider technique in writing product description is using words that evoke a sensory description. Adjectives such as smooth or crisp provide the reader with something that appeals to their senses and helps bring the product description alive. By using the appropriate sensory words, you can provide a deeper meaning to your customers.

You will want to use all of these techniques and craft your product descriptions so that they really stand out. This means doing a few drafts and then looking over your sales to see if they are having the desired effect. This may require making changes here and there until you maximize the selling power of your product descriptions. This article about E-commerce article descriptions was provided by the leaders in E-commerce and web design Lilo.